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Globe and Mail Update

The Globe and Mail would like to think all the people who agreed to share their stories: Penny Edwards, Carolin Cameron, John Williams, Yvonne Merchant, Lynn Chouinard, Mark Cuss, Karin Condas, Pol and Pierette de Montigny, Janice Burrows, David and Darlene Whitehead, John and Kathy Gow, Shirley Kiss, Marguerite Sadowy, Cole Sierens and his family, Fred Young, George Wheeliker, George Maher, Michael Baker, Vera MacIntosh, Kathleen Richards, Wendy and Mark Mundell, Parnee Noah and Caroline Noah, Brenda Pinder Parsons, Naheed Ali, Diana Daghofer, Glenda Henniger, Pauline Sykes, Lynda Coghill, Steve Edson, Adam Beldycki, Hayley Mezei, Glenda Rutka, Dina Isabel, Nancy Logan and her husband Sandy, Dianne Lancaster, Jacqueline Spence, Robert Blair, The Gagne Family, Stella McNamara, Sue Lamy, Star Rosenthal, Alicia Merchant, Norm and Lynn Loat, Angela Tomsic, Danielle Rettie and Denise Lagace, Nicole Dooley, Ken Trueman and Kiersten Eyes, Claire Z., the staff at the Ottawa Mission Hospice, the Oswell family, Spike Harris, Elaine Miller, the Griffin family, the Field family, John and Sandy Haine, the Northcott Family, Rob Duncan and Yvette Friesen, Babz Chula, The Martin Family, Arvella Matthews, Stan Dzuba, Brother Raymond Boutin, the Shewchuk family, Kathy Sanderson, Betty Evans, Janet McNeill, Donald Weaver, the Cooper family, the Costa family, Bob Batt, the Matthews family and the Santos Family.

Thank you, as well, to the following individual and organizations who assisted with the project: The Canadian Cancer Society and its branches across the country, Princess Margaret Hospital, Sunnybrook Hospital, Rethink Breast Cancer, Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta, Larga Baffin, the Ottawa Mission Hospice, Dr. Barry Bultz, Ovarian Cancer Canada, Atlantic Breast Cancer Network, Abbotsford Hospice Society, Red Deer Hospice, HopeAir, Wellspring, Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada, Cape Breton Cancer Centre, Calgary Prostate Cancer Institute, the Hospice Association of Ontario, Canadian Prostate Cancer Network, Centre for Integrated Healing, Fred Norris, Brenda Whittle, Vernon and District Hospice Society, Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada, Dr. Sandeep Sehdev, Ann McKim, Dr. Jim Chan, National Ovarian Cancer Association, Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia, Christine Bradford at, Joanne Lozynsky, Jo-Anne Robbins and Patti Rach, Cancer Care Ontario, Judy Noordermeer, Atlantic Canada Newspaper Association, British Columbia and Yukon Community Newspaper Association, Canadian Community Newspaper Association, Manitoba Community Newspaper Association, Alberta Community Newspaper Association, Ontario Community Newspaper Association, Saskatchewan Community Newspaper Association, Sandi Pniauskas, Leona Barrington, Canadian Lung Association, Hospice Association of Ontario, Lucy Frankel, Breast Cancer project for Immigrant and Refugee Women, Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Cancer Care Manitoba, Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada, Tamiko Charlton in the constituency office of Chuck Strahl, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, the Mayo Clinic, Vindu Balani and Gregory's Funeral Homes.

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