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Readers' stories & photos

Globe and Mail Update

A few weeks ago, we asked Globe and Mail readers to share their stories about cancer.

Your response has been inspiring. There are so many stories of loss and heartbreak, but they are woven throughout with threads of hope, survival, quiet heroism, love and even laughter. Thank you so much to everyone who has shared their memories and photographs — you have helped us tell a very powerful story.

And please, keep your stories and photographs coming.

Cancer has touched nearly everyone's life in some way. This is a space for you to share your stories about living with cancer or caring for someone who died of cancer. How has cancer has affected your life and the lives of your loved ones?

We will publish here all the submissions that meet our guidelines.

We'd also like to invite you to share your photos and images. Please e-mail them as attachments to

A selection of photos and stories will be published each day.

As part of The Globe's ongoing series, some of the stories submitted to us online have already been printed in the newspaper. Others may be in future, and/or you may be contacted for more information. This is part of our effort to show how cancer affects our world.

We welcome your comments on Globe and Mail stories, but please leave them by using the comment function on those specific articles. This page is for sharing your personal stories about cancer. Please check back in this space, as it will be updated regularly throughout the series.

Editor's Note: This article continues with the selected reader submissions on separate pages. Click on the "NEXT" links at the bottom of this and subsequent pages to read them, or browse through the index below.

NEXT: Becky Haig: I have to fight this — for my son

Index of the stories so far:

Becky Haig: I have to fight this — for my son
Diana Pereira: 'Team Tia'
Pauline Bohnec & Michael: The best day of our lives
Heather Johnson: My friend Jan refused to die
Laura Jane White: An angel gone far too soon
Beryl Woodrow: Who am I? A chameleon
Susan Carr: Blessings in the darkness
Sonia Jacobs: Every day with Rachael is a blessing
Victoria Pensa: My father's poem for my mother
Anne Barbetta: I was told I had a year to live
Cathy Lesniak: She really did live until the end
My daughter Sarah: 'A shooting star'
Steluta Ardelean: No such thing as false hope
Angela K: A fighter who's afraid to live, afraid to die
Linda Niksic: My father's quality of death

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