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Gears of War

Globe and Mail Update

The best Xbox 360 action game of year ...Read the full article

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  1. Concerned Canuk from Mississauga, Canada writes: I love the game, I'm 52 and my son whose 19 and I play split screen, beats all to hell watching my wife's home decorating shows. I agree the game needs more chapters....looking forward to the next edition....great review Chad.
  2. Mark H from Columbus, IN, United States writes: I'm drooling. Now if only my wife would let me get an Xbox for Xmas....
  3. Dan in ontario from milton, Canada writes: Don't ask her, just go get one.
    This game is friggin awesome.
    Don't forget to get a XBL membership ...
  4. Ian McDonald from Toronto, Canada writes: Mark, it is always easier to ask for forgivenes than ask for permission.
  5. Rob C from Toranna, Canada writes: lol... you guys slay me with the comments- the gf knows when to give me some 'alone' time with the game box when I've had a hard day at work. (Hopefully she'll remember that if we ever get married!)

    I sat in awe one day watching my younger brother play this game on a 60' DLP/HD with a THX certified surround sound system.

    After I picked my mouth up off the floor- all I could say was... 'Oh my freakin lord!' Wow.

    PS3 who?

    I am not sure if HALO 3 will even be able to top this game next year. I now look forward to Part 2 of this awesome game or an add on / update and more online maps.
  6. Andrew B from Canada writes: Oh just wait till developers have a year, then see if you can say PS3 who? Its been over a year since XBOX launched and the good games are coming out now because developers have discovered how to tap the console capabilities. Give the same time to the PS3 and you'll see games of a better quality than what launched with it. Gears makes Halo 2 look like it came out on the original XBOX. But yes this the game is worthy of some high praise.
  7. Mike H from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada writes: #6, Andrew B, Halo 2 DID come out on the original X-Box.

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