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Desperate Housewives: a desperately boring game

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Desperately boring until I started breaking into the neighbours' houses ...Read the full article

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  1. Job of the book from Canada writes: personally... I was really drawn into desperate housewives at first. I'm not proud of it... I didn't even want to watch it in the first place, but a friend tricked me and the opening of the pilot just grabbed me. I just LOVED the idea of introducing a character in the first few minutes, who you assume will now be a main character for some time since she's narrating... and then kill her. Just make her die, and then have her continue to narrate for the series. That was awesome! Way more compelling than the story or acting, though I've always had a soft spot for Terry Hatcher. Moving on, I watched about 10 or 12 episodes straight because I was just so desperate to know what was going on with all the secrecy and what not. It wasn't particularely interesting but bassically if someone is digging for something and you're left with the question 'what are they digging for?' well it's infuriating not to know. So yes, frustration kept me watching. Then I got on a 2 step program of realizing I had studying to do and exams were coming up, then doing the studying and never went back. It wasn't a good show, now that I don't care about the secrets I don't care about the show, it never seemed real, but the one thing I'll give it is that it wasn't reality TV. I am so sick of reality TV being everywhere so at least this show, poor as it was, was a good change.

    Want quality TV? Don't let Fox host shows. They keep bad ones kicking, the good ones they keep around they force the creators to drag it out WAY past its prime to the point where you wish they would cancel the series as the new stuff is an abomination to the old (Re: Simpsons), or they get an incredible show... and then cancel it far too soon. As they did with Brisco County Jr. in the 90's, and as they did with Firefly in 2003. They just don't know when they've got something good.
  2. Henry Allen from Toronto, Canada writes: Never watched it. Saw previews. Looked silly. If you're a desperate housewife, get undesperated: take part-time university courses, leave the man you don't love and find one you can, a really challenging hobby, charity work, get counseling. But then, what would Desperate Viewers watch? Me, I like undesperate walks in the woods with my undesperate wife, undesperate candlelight dinners, a good undersperate book with a nice undesperate wine.
  3. jeny Orichefsky from Montreal, Canada writes: I really enjoy the show, i watch it every week when i have the time. But to go... spend money on a game and play it at home... I think that real life strategies to handle my needs are much more fulfilling then game life needs
  4. Pamela Quinn from Ottawa, Canada writes: This just seems like a desperate (heh) act to lure women into the gaming market. How about something truly innovative instead of just a pandering effort?
  5. Steve D from St. John's, Canada writes: I'll bet the in-game characters' virtual breasts and foreheads are more realistic than the virtual siliconed and botoxed ones the "actresses" have in RL (real life).

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