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Saskin says Chelios lawsuit 'without merit'

Canadian Press

NHLPA boss says there is nothing to a lawsuit filed by a group of dissident players ...Read the full article

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  1. ginger lnu from vancouver, Canada writes: Why doesn't Chelios save his money for a down payment on a decent retirement/nursing home? He'll need one soon - he ain't no spring chicken.
  2. John S from Toronto, Canada writes: Wow ?! Hockey is corrupt ?! I can't believe it. I also can't believe the dumbest players in all of pro sports (hockey players) actually organized themsevles into a union in the first place. These fools protect themselves more than an office and the office politics along with it.
  3. harry carnie from Telkwa, British Columbia, Canada writes: Without merit?...yes.. ALL of them!
  4. Gaber Lightning from ottawa, Canada writes: you know that when all saskin can do is make fun of chelois' clothes, he is guilty. but chelios did look so cute all dressed up in his 'law' suit.
  5. Robert Murray from Detroit, United States writes: GingerInu - Cheli is a good decent guy and as far his buying a retirement home - have you been watching him in the playoffs? I wouldn't hold my breath. I know you're just kidding but his training regimen is extremely demanding - he's in exceptional shape. His working out in the steamroom on the stationary bike - after practice and workouts, and even games, when everyone else has left the rink, is pretty legendary. He did promise not to break Gordie Howe's record who retired at the age of '52, however.
    Regarding the article, it was well written and informative. However, I'm not privy to the details - but I believe something Cheli has in spades is character. So I would certainly lend credence to what he says. Anyway, its always a pleasure to say hello and chat with our friends to the North. ( Even though from where I live, Windsor is actually south of us ) Good posts and cheers.
    Gaber- best of luck in the playoffs. Perhaps we'll be meeting soon ...

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