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Devils get salary cap relief

Canadian Press

League declares Mogilny unfit to play; Gionta gets three-year deal ...Read the full article

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  1. Raymond Young from Toronto, Canada writes: What a joke. If he's unfit to play it should still count against the Devil's salary cap. It's not the leagues fault that Lamarello made a stupid decision. Bobby Clarke should raise a storm over this.
  2. Colin Fernandes from Mississauga, Canada writes: This is a crappy discission. The Devils GM ( a known tightwad) knew full well, just like every other GM in the league knew, that Mogilny's hip was bothering him, as far back as his playing days with Toronto, and he still signed him at 35 years to a two year deal. He should be stuck with it and play by the new rules. If you sign a player to a long term deal , you better hope he stays healthy and can play the way you pay him to play, otherwise it's gonna hurt your whole organization, as that money (cap) is now tied up. For expample if the Islander goalie who they signed for a guareenteed 15 years at almost 36 million flops, that money is going to count agaist their cap for that many years, so if your organization has a lousy GM your organization is destined to be a reflection of that vision or lack therof. The New NHL is about the proper use of every member of your organization, as you simply can';t just throw money at a problem anymore.
  3. campbell mcdonald from Victoria, Canada writes: Lou Lamoriello is simply ahead of the curve when it comes to loopholing the CBA. He found a willing colluder in SJ GM Doug Wilson when he needed somewhere to hide Malakhov's salary. We wouldn't even allow that trade in our fantasy hockey pool. And now he's convinced the league's, ahem, neutral physician to declare Mogilny unfit to play. Wait til broken down old Euros in the middle of a contract "refuse" to come to NA to finish their careers, or their hockey federation "refuses" to let them come over; or a washed-up FW suddenly discovers a substance abuse problem and has to spend a year in a clinic. And what a scandal it will be when it's discovered that COL, DET, NYR, TOR have found "jobs" for their salary-capped superstars that pay them an extra several million for doing car commercials for a local dealership or putting in appearances at the owner's corporate gatherings. Salary caps are an affront to the free market and never, ever work. It would be great for the Globe to turn Shoalts loose on the CBA for a month next off-season to really delve into this thing.
  4. Michael Peters from Toronto, Canada writes: I'd be surprised if the league let this through. Although there is nothing in the CBA that addresses this specifically, there are rules governing the contracts of players over the age of 35. These rules state that clubs are on the hook for these contracts vis-a-vis the salary cap if these players retire, play in the minors, or are PLACED ON IR. So then why should the Mogilny situation be treated any differently? Lou knew what he was getting and took the risk. Now it's time to pay up.

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