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LEGO Star Wars

Globe and Mail Update

Truly a family video game that everyone can enjoy ...Read the full article

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  1. Timothy Nessus from Does it matter?, Canada writes: LEGO is in dire economic problems. Why would you think they would NOT come up with a sequel???
  2. Travis Gamble from Regina, Canada writes: I was pleasantly surprised by the first Star Wars Lego game. My 25 year old brother and most of my 20 and 30 something friends spent literally DAYS blowing up lego droids. It was addictive as all get out and a heck of a wonderful surprise. Finding the little 'mini kits' turned into a serious addiciton and craving. My brother just bought me the 2nd Star Wars Lego and it is even better! I think he is my favourite sibling because of that! Driving a giant AT-ST Lego Imperial Walker or grappeling giant AT-AT walkers on Hoth in my Lego Snow Speeder while collecting treasure is way too much fun. Updated character development? Hmm.. does pulling off the arms off blocky Storm Troopers with the Chewie Character count? All the characters have their own unique traits-not only can Han Solo shoot but he has a wicked Right Undercut as well (I think every boy wanted to be a Han Solo or Chewie when they were playing as children). The cinematics between the different levels are better then the first and are rendered and interpreted from the movies very creatively. I would recomend this game to everybody-even those who haven't seen the movies or played with the addicitve plastic blocks. It was hard to top the first one but Star Wars Lego 2 sure did! May the Plastic Force be with you...always!
  3. Richard Hawrelak from Sarnia, Canada writes: My old - old - really old 'Mechano Set' was probably one of the main reasons I became an engineer in later life. Building things became part of me.

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