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Sean Penn's $600 smoke

Globe and Mail Update

Actor lights up indoors and a Toronto hotel is paying for it ...Read the full article

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  1. Pragmatic Pundit from Canada writes: Big deal. He makes $600 every minute. Make him do an anti smoking ad or something worthwhile.
  2. Scott Conley from bowmanville, Canada writes: All animals are created equal, some are just more equal then others. - George Orwell, Animal Farm
  3. Langdon Aulder from Canada writes: Jeez. Big-Brother run amoke. What next? Fine Michael Moore for eating a cheeseburger?
  4. Joe Mead from Winnipeg, Canada writes: I like Penn's movies, but shouldn't he be arrested for breaking the law, or does money put certain people above the law? He is an adult isn't he? Kids get arrested for stealing a bag of chips from 7-11.
  5. Jim Terrets from Vancouver, writes: 'Hollywood bad boy?' More like aging thespian frantically trying to hang on to his dwindling fame. So let's grant ex-Mr. Madonna's wish for a last fling in the limelight by deporting him for willfully breaking Canadian law and refusing to pay his fine. We actually have legal precedent for this from the 'seagull incident' in 1983, when then Yankee's outfielder Dave Winfield was charged with animal cruelty for striking and killing a seagull with a warmup throw during a Yankees-Blue Jays game. We have enough self-obsessed egomaniacs runing rampant in Canada and we don't need the likes of this so-called 'Sean Pean' adding to our parade of insufferable narcissists.
  6. Randal Oulton from Toronto, Canada writes: If you'd printed this story 50 years ago, people would have thought it was an April Fools Joke.
  7. Cave Adsum from Burlington, ON, Canada writes: Wonderful! Here's Toronto struggling to get into the big leagues and some pissy assed dicks decide to impose their beliefs and petty laws on the rest of the world. The FREE world must be laughing their heads off! Way to go Canada.
  8. Steven Koning from Bloomfield Ontario, Canada writes: I wonder how much Mr. Penn got paid by a tobacco manufacturer for this product placement.
  9. James Young from Brantford, Canada writes: Periodically, I get bored enough to watch a movie. One thing that is obvious is that most the actors tend to smoke, even in scenes where smoking adds absolutely nothing to the story. I suggest this is the modern method of cigarette advertising, since almost all the conventional methods have been banned by law. Maybe it is time to ban all movies that show people smoking. In fact, movies have been singled out for the large increase in smoking during the early days of movie making. The actors had/have appearance and demeanor that many people want to emulate. Durgan.
  10. Milburn McLean from Toronto, Canada writes: I'll sleep better now that I know the pin heads are protecting us from smoking actors at news conferences.
  11. Slippery Slope from Canada writes: Oh - oh, Don't let the smoking gestapo after you.
  12. Might makes right? from Toronto, Canada writes: Doesn't Dr. McKeown realize that celebrities, and others who are in positions of great power and influence, can do pretty much anything they want- even if it is to the detriment of others?
  13. Stude Ham from Outremont, Canada writes: It was worth it!
  14. Peter McCallum from Kitchener, Canada writes: World-Class City...yeah right.....anyway you spell it, it always comes up as Hick-Town...not Hog Town...Hick Town.... .let's give junkies a safe place to shoot up....but light up a cigarette, and watch the sparks fly...... P.S. Trying buying a fine bottle of wine, or heaven forbid, a lousy case of beer, in Toronto (World Class City) after 10:pm on a Friday or Saturday night....good luck...I guess that they're worried it could lead to dancing......Thanks for coming out...Pete
  15. Madonna Mohammed from United Kingdom writes: Fine the hotel for failing to stop Penn from smoking. How ridiculous. What if he refuses, would the City expect the hotel to throw him out on his ear with the world press there. Give your head a shake. I think all the stars should light up in support of Penn. I am a non smoker and do not encourage it, however this political correct crap posing as a health issue has got to stop. This just makes your city seem childish and narrow minded. Toronto, a world class city - Ya right.
  16. WILLY SIO from Brampton, ON, Canada writes: Ontario's Anti Smoking Law should be observed by all, irrespecive if they are rich and famous or not. Are we drifting towards 2-tier laws similar to our 2-tier Health option. The Sutton Place Hotel is legally obligated to post anti-smoking signs and their personnel, even the moderator of the interview, should have informed Penn of our laws, unless they are so awe-struck or intimidated by this famous actor. Smoke and especially second-hand smoke that killed one of my colleagues through cancer, who worked in a bar, but never smoked in her life. She paid the maximum price for something that was not her fault. Smokers - please have compassion for non-smokers who have every right to the air we all breathe, which should be of pollutants as much as possible. Authorities - please implement the law as it is applies to any individual who breaks it. No exemption. Do not encourage others to break a law that took so long to pass. For our sake and for that of our children - our future generation.
  17. Andrew Duncan from Ottawa, Canada writes: Didn't he do this last year? I don't expect much from him, seeing as he's the guy who visited Saddam's Iraq to highlight his opposition to George Bush's policies. I don't mind people who oppose President Bush, but to cavort with tyrants is a bit much....
  18. Roger Freel from Canada writes: This is government stopping serious crime at its roots. Excellent use of taxpayer funds. Surely a sign that Toronto is such a peaceful place, and it's crimewatchers have no serious crime to chase.
  19. Michael Crowell from Halifax, Canada writes: As for me, I wouldn't walk across to street to see all the actors in Hollywood. No values, no education, spoiled rotten, Godless and have no use for real people who work for a living. What a sorry lot. This one included.
  20. Don Adams from Perth, Ont, Canada writes: Real smart Toronto. Real smart Ontario. Just made Canada the laughingstock of the world. Next thing you know they'll be wanting a LAW against wearing perfume. And, will enforce it. Bye Bye fashion industry in Toronto. Bye bye 'world class' festivals. Bye bye millions of tourist dollars... just to appease the feelings of some idealistic idiots.
  21. Not the Alliance from The Harper Gov't is Incompetent, Canada writes: This honoured thespian should be left alone with his smoky stench - he has given us so much!! Am I alone in thinking that this actor, who brought us Shanghai Surprise (arguably one of the most underrated films OF ALL TIME), is above the law??? Free Spicoli!!!
  22. PAR 1138 from Canada writes: I'll light up this one for the guy, and may the smoke not make him blind to the necessity of confronting (and not supporting) real evils like Saddam Hussein's previous iraqi regime.
  23. Wir sind das Volk from Toronto, Canada writes: I believe at the 1923 Toronto Film Festival someone was seen taking a drink of whiskey during a news conference...and was suitably fined and/or jailed for disobeying prohibition laws. Thank god we live in more progressive time!
  24. Tom Alderman from Vancouver, Canada writes: My God but Toronto (who dat??) is a small small town. Go to Rome and ask people what they think of Toronto. toronto who? Amusing.
  25. Mark DesLauriers from Edmonton, Canada writes: What a wonderful news story, good thing for us that nothing of any consequence is happening anywhere else in the world. I'm surprised all of the people in the room didn't run out covering their faces for fear of dying from second hand smoke, or maybe they realized that it was probably safer inside than to be breathing the fresh air in T.O.
  26. S Eber from SW ON, Canada writes: I have three comments: 1.- If the Ontario officials hadn't fined Mr. Penn the same bitter people who are now badmouthing the government would be complaining for not taking any action. 2.- I believe that California (or many jurisdictions in that state at least) has similar anti-smoking laws to Ontario's so nobody is going to quit coming to Canada or feel humiliated. 3.- The law clearly states that the establishment must be fined for allowing smoking inside its facilities.
  27. Mark Denis from Calgary, Canada writes: All the more reason to vote this Not world class city out of Canada. The pc of this backwater city needs to get a life. BTW pc stands for their idiotic political correctness. God this city is getting more embarssing than Jack Layton. Not surprising considering where he is from.
  28. D JL from Vancouver, Canada writes: Follow the Denmark ( I think) example of speeding. Penalty is a % of salary. Also, ask the patron once ,charge them the second time.
  29. Adam Worthington from Toronto, Canada writes: Although I am not a smoker and believe in smoking restrictions for most indoor public places, I find this issue particularly amusing. Our government should be proudly applauded for its amazing success in creating a state of anti-smoking hysteria in Ontario. This mass hysteria serves as a very effective diversion of attention from other significant social issues, such as poverty, homelessness, crime, etc. Moreover, while people now obsess over whether someone lights up a cigarette within 3 metres of a door, for example, those same people pay no attention to the fact that large, multinational corporations are allowed to pump tons of carcinogenic junk into the air we breath. Similarly, it is always quite ironic when commuting suburbanites who drive their enormous SUVs or minivans hundreds of kilometres each week complain that their precious air is being polluted by someone who has lit a cigarette within a five kilometre radius. Some people are so simple-mindedly stupid. It is to these people that governments usually cater.
  30. Scot Affleck from Prince George, Canada writes: 'Smoking Man Walking', eh? Bunch of know-nothing righteous ninnies those anti-smokin' puritans are. A pox on them all!
  31. Ian Marland from Canada writes: If they were really concerned about our health, they'd ask Mr. Penn to stop making movies.
  32. Bob Rollheiser from Canada writes: Is banning everything that the politically correct doo gooders don't like the solution to all problems. Now that they have made everyone aware of the evils of this 'role model' smoking, how ever shall we keep impressionable people from initating him and perpetuating this hidious blight on the mysterious east. Gracious, copy cat smokers, what next?
  33. D S from Canada writes: This is our problem in society, nobody takes responsibility for their own actions. Sean Penn lit up, not the establishment. He should be fined. Perhaps tomorrow I'll light up in city hall, who'll be charged then?
  34. Charles Murray from Toronto, writes: Some people have asked that Mr. Penn be treated just like any other person who breaks the smoking ban. I presume that our underemployed Health Promotion Minister has made a point of involving himself with all other offenders in the past. Come on people - why don't we just tell everyone we're bush league and have done with it.
  35. John L. Murlowe from Isla de Vancouver y Quadra, Canada writes: Ah, yes. Sean Penn. Another actor setting a good example of obeying the law. I suppose if he had convinced some girl to go with him to his rooom and he forced himself upon her, there would be a certain crowd who would complain that the law is unfair or that Toronto is a small town.
  36. Praised One from San Jose, United States writes: Let and let live. Let the man smoke, nobody's gonna die. This is the funniest thing I've read in a long time..
  37. thomas laprade from Thunder Bay, writes: The Globe and Mail Thursday Sept. 14/06 Risk of 4,000 everyday chemicals to be studied. The chemicals in second-hand smoke wasn't even mentioned Figure that one out Mr. Jim Watson and Dr. Sheila Basrun
  38. lynda duguay from ontario, Canada writes: I was angered by Sean Penn Smoking! I was hoping that the proof would come out that passive smoke kills on impact, and show us there's justification for the hundreds of Millions spent each year on the issue. Well I was disappointed when no one died and there wasn't any body bags needed. I guess it just goes to show you dose is in the poison, and that its not the smell of tobacco that kills.
  39. thomas laprade from Thunder Bay, writes: Had the anti-smoking zealots revealed their entire agenda 30 Years ago, they wouldn't gave gotten as far as they have Public interest groups won't stop till they achieve total control over what you consume Walter E. Williams
  40. thomas laprade from Thunder Bay, writes: A small amount of smoke from a handful of crushed leaves and some paper that is mixed with the air of a decentley ventilated venue is harmful to your health?? If any body believes that, then I have some ocean-front property in Sask. I would like to sell them. It is not about health and it never was about health. It is all about de-normalizing smoking. Passing no-smoking legislation is a big step in that direction. Unfortunately, the hospitality industry is caught in the cross-fire.
  41. John L. Murlowe from Isla de Vancouver y Quadra, Canada writes: Sean Penn. He goes to Iraq and sees the war, which neither he nor any one of us can do anything about. Makes himself to be some big wise goombah with some great point to make. Then here he is 1. breaking the law and getting his hotel fined 2. encouraging a habit that takes more lives annually than US troops die in iraq, and 3. sets a poor example for young people. Something he could easily take a positive about and he doesn't. And people rally around him and want him to smoke in a no-smoking zone. There are real dough heads in this audience. Smoking laws are made for the health protection of people, and Penn thumbs his nose like he's above the law.
  42. Clark Kent from Canada writes: Wow... The Toronto haters (likely indoctrinated since birth) are coming out of the woodwork in support of their Hollywood royalty. Luckily we, 30 years on, know how harmful smoking is and have the political will to force individual smokers to harm only themself.
  43. Buckwheat Bubba from Edgewater, B.C., Canada writes: Good. If you want to suck on a cancer stick go outside were us non-smokers don't have to smell it.
  44. L D from United States writes: I used to prefer to go to Toronto for recreation because you used to be all the good things NYC wasn't. Now you are all the bad things NYC is. Sure miss what Toronto used to be.
  45. Not the Alliance from The Harper Gov't is Incompetent, Canada writes: Oh the shame.... WHAT was Toronto thinking??? This incident has surely ruined the TIFF - next year look for it to be moved to another city. Toronto's reputation has literally gone up in smoke with this INTERNATIONAL incident that's reverberating across the Globe (&Mail)- and is being talked about even on the streets of ROME!! It was bad enough travelling to a city like Rome and suffering the indignation of laughter when you asked a Roman what they thought of Toronto. Just ask post 24 (who as a Vancouverite, can ask this question for amusement purposes). Now it will be worse!!!! Oh the shame, the shame..... Stop the persecution of Sean Penn! Free Spicoli!!!
  46. Thomas Weller from MALAGA, Spain writes: If just one of you who are complaining about the smoke AND own a car then SHAME ON YOU HIPOCRITE! Your car pollutes! Don´t go controlling other people´s lives without changing your own. Toronto, my city of birth and once source of pride now makes me cringe in embarrasement...puny, puny, brains - get a life!
  47. Duhg Rasorwit from Belleville, Ontario, Canada writes: Here is what I think we should do about this important event in Canadian history...
  48. Mike McLaughlin from Toronto, Canada writes: I don't know why so many people are claiming that this incident illustrates Toronto's backwardness. Rather, I believe that it illustrates Toronto's progressiveness. And as far as Toronto being the world's laughing stock, as many other people have mentioned, the only thing that makes Toronto a laughing stock is Sean Penn's complete lack of respect for Canadian law. I certainly hope that Mr. Penn will have the decency to apologize for his criminality.
  49. SB B from Canada writes: A law is a law no matter what country you are in. It's just too much to expect arrogant Americans to obey the law in any country if it just doesn't suit their purpose. #19 - I'm with you!
  50. jeff franklin from Canada writes: Andrew Duncan who finished with the sentence: ' I don't mind people who oppose President Bush but to cavort with tyrants is a bit much'. How about all those sports teams and such that go to the White House and cavort with the world's #1 Terrorist George W. Bush? Bush lies, thousands die.
  51. Have Pun Will Travel from Canada writes: Peter Ustinov once described Toronto as 'New York, run by the Swiss' -- I think it's time we updated that phrase to 'Toronto is New York run by the Quakers'. This town needs an enema.
  52. Someone Canada from Canada writes: #21. Yours is the most idiotic comment on this forum. Really, calling Sean Penne a thespain is going a little far. He is an actor at the end of his career. Even so how can you even entertain the thought that he would be above the law. You need to take your head out of the hollywood induced spotlight and get a grip. No one is above the law besides what actors think. #40, maybe your comment is true if you grow, die your own tobacco and roll your own, I don't now. But the retail versions are laced with chemicals and unhealthy. This is proven time and again, so please do not preach other wise. I have seen to many people die from smoking related diseases
  53. Watch Dog from Regina, Canada writes: He's a great actor, but he could use his celebrity status on something more important than smoker's rights. Now George Clooney, there's an actor using his celebrity status for something worthwhile.
  54. Patrick Nash from Toronto, Canada writes: Jeff Franklin - I was wondering when something as trivial as Sean Penn smoking would be twisted into an anti-Bush, anti-Harper diatribe. If nothing else, you are true to form. 'World's # 1 terrorist'? Try living in a country without an civil liberties. Any attempts to erode those civil liberties in the US pale in comparison because they are limited by the duration of a re-election that can only happen once. All that's left for me to do is figure out which Jim Henson created character you've modeled yourself on.
  55. Douglas Graves from Mississauga,Ont, Canada writes: He was smoking! Sgt. Major, take that man outside and have him shot this instant!
  56. TJ . from Bananabelt, Canada writes: It was good to see all of the media and onlookers throw themselves in harms way to bring us this tid bit rather than run gasping for the exits as Mr. Penn lit that lethal bit of tobacco. It also comforts me to know that the government is out there protecting us from ourselves 'cause everyone knows we can't even get out of our own way...
  57. Maree del Rosario from Scarborough, Canada writes: He must think that Canada is going to overlook his lack of respect for this country's laws. I say send him to Singapore and see if he gets away with his 'bad-ass' attitude!
  58. Geoff Shier from Toronto, Canada writes: Shocking that Mr. Watson didn't impose the death penalty on Mr. Penn....It's the TIFF folks....these people, this festival, has been above the law since it's inception. Bars in the TIFF zone are allowed to remain open later because of the festival and restaurants and bars in the trendy Yorkville locale all smell of smoke and whatever at this time of year, the blind eye theory works, and Hollywood appreciates it....Mr. Penn was completely wrong and for that he should be fined, but we all know our chicken-poop politicians (at all levels) wouldn't want to get the bad pub, so instead they offered him a letter telling him he's a bad person (the alternative was forcing him into his hotel room for 12 hours with Celine Dion blaring from the speakers!). Lest we forget the Dave Winfield/seagull saga!!!!
  59. Alberto Ductape from Thunder Bay, Canada writes: The no smoking law is great for the underground economy . I hadnt talked to a smoking friend for a while and asked why I hadnt seen him at the local watering hole lately . ' I go to the bootleggers now . Good price on a beer and I can smoke too. ' Not everything is negative People are making money , its against the law and there is very little anyone can do . Of course nobody in government has the guts to ban the tobacco from being sold in the province . If it was, another underground business would start up .
  60. PAT C from Canada writes: Ontario.. you are an embarassment! Anyone remember Prohibition? And no I do not smoke!
  61. Gord Cee from Canada writes: I think the smoking laws, so long as the government continues to collect huge taxes from sales, are atrocious. Having said that I think that Penn is an arrogant idiot and I would be very pleased if he is found guilty of something and forced to do ten years or so of hard time
  62. Dave Medich from Windsor, Canada writes: They should have fined Penn a few million dollars and given them to the tourist industry here in Windsor which is suffering since the new law came into effect. Our Casino is laying off hundreds of workers while our Bingo Halls are closing daily. Charities and Sports clubs are desperately searching for new ways of raising money. Of course, the Ontario government said it wouldn't affect any of these. Big Brother was wrong again.
  63. Rob Misek from Whitby, Canada writes: The ban on smoking is a stupid law. Every other contaminant in the workplace has acceptable limits. What science supports that tobacco smoke shouldn't as well? The same politically correct lobby groups and government that pushed this ban through will sacrifice any of your rights and privileges that don't suit their self-interests. Their hypocrisy is astonishing.
  64. The Man T from NYC, United States writes: Canada is a joke of a country - they do this so they can get some kind of recognition. As a country full of insecurities and suffering from an inferiority complex, this will help Canada in getting the attention they are seeking. Too bad they are now the butt of all jokes..........
  65. D F from Canada writes: I'm tired of bars and hotels being held accountable for patrons actions. If someone is going to be fined it should be the smoker and it should be the police who levy the fine. The hotel should only have to post the law and maybe report the infractions, but they should not be held accountable for a patron's smoking.
  66. Kay Ay from East of To, Canada writes: Did anyone tell him he wasn't allowed to smoke? It is a new law. If so I think I'd tack that $600 on his hotel bill.
  67. admore inches from Canada writes: I don't see what all the anger and venom spewed forth in this forum is all about. We have anti - smoking laws, whether the laws are right or not is another issue, and Mr. Penn broke the law. Saying Toronto isn't a world class city because we have anti - smoking laws that we enforce doesn't make sense. Because he makes movies, we should just chuckle, look away and ignore it?
  68. Aaron Powers from Canada writes: Smokers unite! Let's suffocate them out.
  69. The Skipper from Edmonton, Canada writes: I suppose the Sutton Place hotel will take steps to discipline a little $10.00 per hour employee for not stopping Mr. Penn from smoking !
  70. scott mclendon from Memphis,TN, United States writes: What exactly was the Sutton Place supposed to do?Have a waiter spray SP with a seltzer bottle?Guess that would have been funny.
  71. A reader from new orleans, United States writes: Why don't you all offer the man some Chantix or Wellbutrin to help him quit smoking rather than crucifying the poor guy. just because he's rich and famous should not make him a target, $600 is plenty. Be fair!
  72. Jamie Black from Toronto, Canada writes: It irked me when I saw Sean Penn smoking in hotel in Toronto. That's all we need is smokers arguing, 'But Sean Penn can smoke, why not me?' Being from L.A., which banned smoking long before Toronto he should know better. Did he just not know or not care? Either these sanctimonious, self rightous preachers think they are above the law; which is bad; or they are clueless, in which case they have no credibility on other issues. It's a stretch to start bashing Bush on this one; a municipal by-law! Trust me, if Bush had smoked in a hotel, all the Penn defenders would be arguing for Bush to get a ticket. Since the hotel only was fined, I agree they should add it to his hotel bill! The biggest joke about Canada is the painfully slow and terrible service in our restaurants. I had a friend from Texas ask if our water was expensive it was so hard to get a glass in a fairly decent downtown restaurant. I agree that fining the Hotel is a progressive move. My habit is running, let Penn smoke if he can keep up with me for a brisk ten mile run.
  73. Lisa Cook from Brantford, Canada writes: Post #64 -- NO, you have it wrong. Canada is NOT the butt of all jokes -- your country and President are!! Ask anyone from anywhere in the world -- there have been enough surveys done about it.
  74. Iain nevermind from Campbell River, Canada writes: Smoking is an addiction requiring a 'shot' of nicotine every 20 - 30 minutes or so. Since TO is so progressive it has a safe injection site, why not a safe smoking site? You could have the worlds first one!
  75. Pretty Much from Toronto, Canada writes: Do these celebrities realise Government of Ontario is the major sponsor of this event. As much of you ROCers hate us THIS is one of the major film festivals of the world where every director and their mother wants to be seen at. Even Brad Pitt dressed up for this event. So yes Sean dont let the door hit you on the way out. PS: please fix your accent, its tacky.
  76. Marjory Wilson from Canada writes: Unreal..... It is so pathetic all this hype about smoking and 'ohhh Ma Gawd, in public no less'. I just wonder how far will we go with these idiotic laws .... Government get out of my life, bad enough your so deep in my pocket. Pretty soon we should have quite a lucrative underground business going, where people who smoke and drink ..... (never mind the damage to your liver the smoke might get you first) can get together and relax as they please.
  77. Joseph Downey from Canada writes: Got a smoke?
  78. Not the Alliance from In my opinion, the Harper Gov't is Incompetent, Canada writes: First Rome (post 24), then Spain (post 46), and now 'The Man' in NYC (post 64). 'The Man' states that Toronto is now the 'butt' of ALL jokes. Is there NO limit to the humiliation that this 'incident' will bring to Toronto?? I say let the star of Shanghai Surprise be. I say let Sean and his beautiful wife Madonna (they ARE still together aren't they??) smoke in peace. If not for them, then think of the children. I dream of a day when our children will be able to travel to Spain, Rome or NYC and PROUDLY ask a local citizen what they think of Toronto (a la post 24), without fear of hearing humiliating peals of laughter. Think of the children.......
  79. John D. from JohnD., Canada writes: #65: the enforcement officers can't be everywhere. Unfortunately, some smokers have been used to being able to freely pollute others' air for so long they don't butt out unless they're told not to by the hotel/restaurant staff. All the staff has to do is ask the patron to butt out to fulfill their obligation. It's not too much to ask.
  80. John D. from JohnD., Canada writes: My God, the ignorance on this site is amazing. First, for all those who think Penn should be 'arrested' or 'deported' for breaking our laws- the smoking law is not a criminal offence. You get a fine, like a speeding ticket, that's all. Second, for those worried about Toronto trying to be a world class city, New York and Los Angeles both have smoking laws that are similar to Toronto's. I'm sure nobody there is worried about the law affecting their world class status. Penn and the hotel broke the law and they should be fined. All this hand wringing about it is what's really embarrassing.
  81. james castle from Canada writes: They should make him smoke a whole pack just to see how disgusting it is. They they should realize that we're talking about a by-law and it's not really that big a deal and no one cares.
  82. J B from Toronto, Canada writes: I am a smoker and I say good job for fining the hotel. Go outside and try to stand away from the entranceways of buildings.
  83. Jeff Graham from Ottawa, writes: I’m not much of a smoker and like these laws. I like going to a bar or wherever and not coming out smelling of smoke and excreting black goo from my nose the next day. Obviously better for health… But I also have a problem with business owners being told what can and cannot go on behind their privately owned closed doors. Essentially, if it is my business, I can do whatever I want in my place of business as long as it is legal. Smoking tobacco is legal. If my business suffers because people don’t want to come to my smoky spot, that is my problem. But no one is forcing people to come into my business. Get it? However, publicly owned buildings are another matter.
  84. K B from Vancouver, Canada writes: The man asked permission and was told he could light up...he is not at fault or receiving special treatment. The hotel is entirely responsible, and SHOULD pay a hefty fine for flouting the law just 'cause it's Sean Penn. Oh and Mr. 'I-am-going-to-send-the-man-a-letter', don't, please don't. It is a ridiculous idea, and an embarrassment.
  85. Doug Redhoffmen from Toronto, Canada writes: Put up a tent. Or can they not do that anymore either?
  86. 'Mad Dog Dillon from Rabiesville BC, Canada writes: Post 5 Jim Terrets: Speaking of narcissist's 'Jimbo' I think you've got the disease as well as Sean Penn. I had a casual conversation with Sean Penn several years ago, and found him to be a very engaging person: 'to you that's a nice guy'! I was also at the Yankees/Jays game you speak of in 1983, and fondly remember then manager Billy Martin's comment after the game: I know Dave didn't didn't do that intentionaly(kill the seagull) because he hasn't been able to hit the cut off man all year! Lighten up folks. I also saw Sean Penn on 'Larry King Live' last night, and I'll be going to see 'All the King's Men'( I go to see a movie once a year). Fading Thespian? He's at the peak of his career, and his movies will be watched long after anyone remebers who 'Madonna' was. As for the anti-smoking Nazi's in Toronto: How was your tourist season this year?
  87. m mac from Canada writes: $600.00 is cheap for the hotel. Any other action would have been far more damaging to say the least. Imagine a celebrity lights up a cigerette during a press conferenceand then a hotel employee comes running out and in front of the press corp demands that the cigerette must be put out immediately. The following press coverage would have been world wide and in all likelyhood not too flattering to the city of Toronto or Canada. The only reason the hotel was fined even though the ban on smoking is prominently displayed was pure politics and had nothing to due with public health.
  88. maryetta thielen from Lethbridge, Ab, Canada writes: How many criminals are buying cigs on a daily basis. How many packs of cigs are sold daily in TO. How much does Ont collect in taxes/year from cigs. Where are these criminals smoking those illegal to smoke cigs. Can't wait for the movie, Why Cdns Hate TO. How much of that tax money is going to support drug addicts. Soon you will see cig dealers on the street corner and people will say, they are sick. Penn smokes in public and his ex wife is hanging from a crusifix. Great role models.
  89. Carly Blackwell from Toronto, Canada writes: I agree with all of those who wrote how embarrassing this situation. I feel very sorry for both Penn and our city right now.
  90. mod holly from Toronto, Canada writes: Sutton Place should have known better. They thought they could get away with it because Sean Penn is famous. Must have forgotten about the cameras recording the illegal act. I'm glad they were fined.
  91. Lewis Bartholomew from Courtenay, Canada writes: the law, how ever stupid some of you think it is, is the law. Why do all of you support breaking the law to light up? Petty theft is breaking the law, jay walking is breaking the law, speeding through a school zone is breaking the law. These might be infringing on your rights too I suppose? My grandfather died from lung and mouth cancer, my father died of heart disease caused by 2 packs a day of rot gut unfiltered Camels. Don't start in that smoking is cool and this is a dumb law. Go find an enclosed space (like your car) and smoke all you want. But if you smokers (I am a former one myself and there for more militant in my no smoking mindset) can't see that you all brought this on yourselves. You litter our sidewalks with your unfinished butts (just look at the mess in cities where smoking is permitted), you smoke up a storm thinking that the rest of us enjoy what you are enjoying (man on elevator: Mind if I smoke? woman on elevator replies: Mind if I fart?), and you have health problems that the rest of us all have to pay for, when you do have a choice (remember all that right wing harping about people with AIDS in Toronto a few weeks back?). So put your lighters away and face the fact that 600-plus loonies is really not enough to prove the point that the Hotel broke the law, Penn broke the law and you also want to break the law.
  92. can I vote again from around-Kingston, Canada writes: hmmm, that's strike one against the hotel...if I recall correctly, if the hotel condones another smoking action in the future, the financial penalty could be much worse... lol
  93. M Kaly from Toronto, Canada writes: I'm indifferent to Sean Penn, the smoking ban and his violation of it. What I do find amusing, though, is all of you posters from Kitchener and Perth mocking the idea of Toronto being a world class city.
  94. Seb D from Ottawa, Canada writes: Currently, Ontario law prohibits smoking indoors in a public place. The laws apply to everyone, including celebrities.
  95. C M from Toronto, Canada writes: I don't have a problem with the smoking laws however, while I'm standing next to the street having my smoke I often wonder when the anti-car exhaust lobby group will start. My cigerette smoke is not responsible for making the sky brown in Toronto or for causing asthma in epidemic proportions in children within the city. Smog days and global warming are not a result of cigerette smoke either. For those of you who are appaled at a guy who had one smoke at a news conference - test the exhaust from your SUV to see how much pollution you're spewing into our atmosphere and we'll see who's a more deadly health hazard.
  96. Jim Thompson from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada writes: Nanny state to the rescue! (I'm a non-smoker)
  97. Sandra McEwing from Canada writes: I am delighted with how stupid the pictures of him look with a cigarette in his mouth. I remember when that used to look "cool", but now he looks like a loser, someone who knows something is bad for him but continues to do it anyway. Frankly, he should be embarrassed to smoke in public. I know, people get addicted, but it certainly is nothing to be proud of anymore.

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