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Pierce Brosnan answers

Globe and Mail Update

James Rendle from Britain asks, What do you think of the new James Bond, Daniel Craig, and will you be watching Casino Royale?

I asked Mr. Brosnan the question Wednesday morning while attending a press conference for his new film Seraphim Falls, a western that takes place at the tail end of the Civil War.

The question raised groans from the gathered press and photographers. "And it was all going so well..." Mr. Brosnan said, seemingly to himself, and the room erupted in laughter. After the everyone quieted down, Mr. Brosnan gave a brief answer.

"I'm looking forward to it like we're all looking forward to it. Daniel Craig is a great actor and he's going to do a fantastic job.

The next journalist began his question, "This isn't about that [Bond]..."

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