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All The Boys Love Mandy Lane **½

Globe and Mail Update

Jonathan Levine (U.S.) Played with the right touch of mystery by Amber Heard, Mandy Lane is the girl on everyone's lips. The guys want “first dibbs” on the untouched Mandy, while the girls want to be her. The characters obviously haven't memorized the rules of surviving horror movies: they drink, snort a pharmacy of drugs, and wander off alone in the middle of the night. Their idiocy aside, director Jonathan Levine's film displays an intelligence lacking in most teen slasher pics. Echoing high school massacres and revenge plots concocted by those on the fringes of teenage society, “Mandy” plays like Columbine filtered through the lens of a horror film. The movie features the usual grab-bag of high school stereotypes – the jock, the class clown, the slut, the bitch – who are mowed down in a variety of gory ways. The identity of the killer is never in doubt – a wise move on the part of screenwriter Jacob Forman – and the requisite twist remains faithful to the spirit of the film. Mark Medley

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