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Festival Diary

Globe and Mail Update


Another day of TIFF has passed. It was both exhausting, elating, challenging and inspiring.

I did one interview with a young journalist, and her mood somewhat threw me off.

I wasn't sure if she was just “doing her job,” or if she was perhaps a nervous fan (I know, hard to imagine!) Anyway, I was present and focused, and the interview went quite well. I felt that her questions were well-thought and sincere....and then at the end of the interview, she sort of, as if to close the book on her self-control, let out what she REALLY wanted to say, which was, “I suffer from depression....”

And so the conversation continued.

Today my first screening takes place at 11:45, and I am nervous.

I am just holding on to the liberating energy of the has propelled the very INTERVIEWERS assigned to talk to me about the piece to reveal their deepest darkest secrets!!! The piece has done what art is suppose to do. It has changed the world; one person's courage (or lack their of) has shifted, and another's shame has dissolved (for a bi-polar father, etc etc etc.) It is finished.

After the screening, I will go home and quickly shift gears and head over to the CARLU for the event ONE X ONE, where, along with Matt Damon and John Legend, Raine and I will be entertaining and fuelling an evening of fun, compassion and integrity.

The event has been in the works for some time now. I know the blood sweat and tears that go into preparing an event like this. It is nice to know that there are people driven by justice and integrity at the helm of such efforts. I am humbled by their everyday journey in that integrity.

There has been a lot of inspiring charity brought to the forefront of the film festival. I was gifted with outfits for my children designed by a line called EARTHCHILD made by women in a village in Africa....and I was also given “the bullet chain”- a necklace designed to inspire others to let change begin within own world and capacities two amazing women whose line is called THE RIGHT HAND GIRL...

There is a consciousness culture developing here at the Toronto International Film Festival.

I am so very happy to see this happening.

In “MY UTOPIA” you wouldn't allowed to be privileged without actually isn't really a UTOPIA, per is in more like a sensible world in my vision. In this world, it would be an embarrassment to have and not share.

Anyway, it wouldn't be about doing things to meet stars, or to validate would be about integrity, and sharing and working with people whose vision is the same.

I am so proud to be a part of not only the ONE X ONE EVENT tonight, where causes like DATA (debt AIDS trade AFRICA) will benefit, along with the African Children's choir who are a charity close to my heart, but the TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL as a whole.

I felt for a moment today while sitting in a lounge getting interviewed amidst Penelope Cruz and Christina Ricci like all of the buzz that was happening was for Mood Disorder - that thought provoking, WORLD changing art was being supported by all of the glamour and autographs.

It was for a moment, all there for me, and for my integrity.

It was a great moment.

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