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Festival Diary

Globe and Mail Update

THIS is out of babies were up in the night, I slept 3 hours and did Canada AM Friday morning to perform LEBO'S RIVER - the lead single off of the HELP - A DAY IN THE LIFE CD, benefiting war child CANADA.

I cannot even THINK at 6:30 in the morning, never mind sing with just 3 hours of sleep.

God I love my kids.

It is amazing how much more energy I find I can tug from the innards however when the “action” is for peace and tolerance. I love the story behind Lebo....fittingly enough, she came to us through a film, Ithuteng, which is a documentary about a school in South Africa.

She sang for a moment on the film, and expressed that she would love to be a professional singer some day, and died some 6 months later of AIDS - acquired when she was raped. She conceived her baby girl at that time.

I love that there is such a buzz in town, and that playing Canada AM for such an inspiring cause can only be fuelled by all of the energy around. It also keeps the perspective going for me amidst the crisis of bad responses to my short, or the “what to wear” dilemmas.

Someone said that my film was a vanity peace. God that gets me going. IT IS THE OPPOSITE!!!!! I think they watched the wrong screener.

I did do an interview with another journalist, and not only did she love the piece, and ask me phenomenal, well thought questions about it, the engineer of her radio show at the CBC congratulated me, as his father has suffered with bi-polar disorder his whole life. He was glad that I brought the issue to the fore-front.

That is what it is all about....I'm healed! I won't deny that it wouldn't hurt me if someone said that the film was “bad.” I don't really feel that it is up for judgment. It is honest and from my heart. What's not to love? (yah right!) I think that if someone doesn't like it, they REALLY need to learn about mood disorder, or maybe they themselves have some fears about their own tendencies! I suppose if someone is really irked by it, that is good. I wanted the film to be thought provoking, and for the viewer to feel uncomfortable for 10 minutes. Mania ain't pretty baby. BUT IT'S REAL! I am FORCING myself (and my husband) to come out of our creative/ family cave and go to some parties. I am very excited to see my friend Sarah Polley. I am very happy for her directorial debut TRIUMPH! Away From Her is sure to be a film festival stopper, and I cannot wait to congratulate her personally.

Raine and I are HUGE Borat fans, and watched his HBO series ( Alli G) at ANY opportunity. Our favourite character on the show has always been BORAT. I would LOVE to see that film, and I am so happy to see the media frenzy around his harem operated flat bed.

I think this character is one of the greatest of the decade.

There are a few other parties, but I wouldn't want to give ALL of the excitement away in one entry! As for what the heck to wear. main concern, is do I go Canadian or otherwise. I am SOOO inspired to wear home-grown material, so I am excited to get my paws on all that is Canadian that will fit my postpartum know, certain things are shrivelled up, and certain things need to be pulled's ugly, I wont' get into detail.

Either way, it is a fun opportunity for me....I am letting grandmothers do their genetic duty, ignoring the critics and numbers, and letting my hair down a bit with the man I love.

Sounds like the makings of a great movie....

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