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Importing the Queer Lounge

From Friday's Globe and Mail

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  1. A G from Canada writes: You used to have interesting columns. What happened?
  2. Rob Misek from whitby, Canada writes: Homosexuals and their supporters still don't get it. They speak of open mindedness and tolerance while labeling people who reject their lifestyle as 'phobic' as if it were a medical illness. When Canadians discuss values, the homosexual lifestyle is always in conflict. It is immoral and irresponsible. I support the G&M's earlier proposal for a long running reality show between the gays and the straights. After a few generations, only the straights and their children would be left standing. The genetic dead-ender gays would disappear from disease or old age. How could anyone support such a narrow self destructive lifestyle? What responsible parents would tolerate it being recommended to their children? What responsible society would accept it? Tolerate maybe - accept, never.
  3. Wir sind das Volk from Toronto, Canada writes: Yikes. If gays and lesbians are genetic "dead-enders" why has homosexuality been consistently documented throughout history across races and cultures? In fact those societies that were most tolerant also appear to have been the ones that flourished most culturally and technologically. I don't really under this fear and villification of gays that persists. I guess intolerance must be its own sustenance. Good for TIFF and Ms. Huang for acknowledging that so much of the creative energy behind Hollywood comes from these supposed 'narrow and self destructive' lifestyles...

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