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Opening her own shop was a piece of cake for The Dessert Lady ...Read the full article

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  1. Mick Yuen from Toronto, Canada writes: I have tried the cup cakes from Ms. Kan's store and they were delicious. No other shops in town can beat that!
  2. BH HAN from Korea, Rep. of writes: Good luck to the dessert lady I would like to know the exact address of bakery(Ms. Kan's Store).
  3. Abhishek Paul from Toronto, Canada writes: I know Ms. Kan. and have been to her store. She attended the same small biz program that I did that trains entreprenaurs to get started successfully. Its the bizlaunch program at Her business concept is a hit.
  4. lary waldman from qualicum beach, Canada writes: I have one question for the Pastry Lady. Where do her staff live. I have lived in Toronto in the past few years and if she pays her staff $2,000.00 each, they cannot afford to live in Toronto?

    Lary Waldman
  5. trina melanson from Fort St. John, Canada writes: I would be interested to know where the capital comes from for these new ventures? I think it is important for the budding entrepreneur to understand that most financial institutions do not finance leasehold improvements, start-up costs, etc. If you have the capital saved up then great! If you don't, then where does the money come from? There are options; borrow from family, private investor, etc. What are the terms of repayment? What will happen to relationships should your business not succeed?
  6. Michael Tan from Vancouver, Canada writes: Lary

    $2000 per month for each staff member?
    full time hours (40 per week) means they get paid 12.50 an hour gross

    pretty good for the cashier!!
    not shabby for the other assistant baker either.
  7. Maybelle Beltran from Antipolo, Philippines writes: Hello Ms. Kan, I read how you started your pastry business, and I get so inspired about stories that started out from a small business and is currently very successful in that certain field...however, I just get inspired, I never got to fulfilling my dreams because of lack of funds...I also love to bake, I bake for my family, my friends, they would sometimes order pastries from me...they like my pastries, and I really love to bake...I planned so many times to put up a small shop of pastries, but this never came true...until now I just keep on dreaming, and dreaming, planning and planning, the only thing thats missing is my monetary investment...just by calculating the amount of money that you spent to start your business, in our country its worth more than 2 million, and I don't have that...Anyway, thanks for inspiring me, and for sure, I would be dreaming more of having my own pastry shop in the future.

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