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The art of the elevator pitch

Globe and Mail Update

Our experts are still weighing in on how to woo investors, so check back for updates ...Read the full article

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  1. Ed Dantes from Canada writes: Morey... while the rest of the vc style mavens here try and outsoundbite each other, while boring the rest of us - why don't you help us learn something by taking a moment to describe how you managed to get a grip on one of the most iconic brands in the world at just the right time. I wonder how many people thought you were nuts, when you first articulated the idea. Additionally, I suspect that the original plan was rather humble (although now that Aprillia and MotoGuzzi have been added surely that's changed) - is that true? Was the original plan "venture scale" (rolls eyes)?
  2. Robert Gold from Toronto, writes: On the BusinessCast podcast (episode 61 at there is a fantastic discussion about the perfect elevator pitch. It's terrific, and will have you writing one in no time, with a great formula.

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