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The world's greatest rock band made its first public appearance of Super Bowl week yesterday at a news conference for Sunday's halftime show. Mick Jagger, Ron Wood, Charlie Watts and Keith Richards will perform three or four songs during a 12-minute halftime set. In their younger days, the Stones were considered the bad boys of rock, a reputation they cherished and used to spread their popularity. Given the uproar two years ago for Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" during the Super Bowl halftime show in Houston, Jagger was asked whether he thought television broadcasters were worried about what his band might do.

"Network television are always worried about [expletives]," Jagger said. "And then they had a crisis because they heard Aretha [Franklin] was going to strip during the Star-Spangled Banner. They shouldn't worry. Just calm down and take life as it comes."Asked how unlikely it might have seemed years ago that the Stones would play a Super Bowl show, Jagger said, "Hopefully, both of us have our core values intact."

Near the end of the news conference, a reporter suggested it was widely believed that Richards would survive, along with cockroaches, in the event of a nuclear holocaust. What, it was asked, would Richards do to outlast the cockroaches? "I'm going to eat them," he said. The band's lineup of songs will not be made public before they perform.

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