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The Oscars don't cater to Daniels

Jeff Daniels is a tad bitter about never receiving an Oscar nod

From Friday's Globe and Mail

The Oscars don't cater to Daniels

Jeff Daniels, in town with the divorce drama The Squid and the Whale, admitted to us that he's a tad bitter about never receiving an Oscar nod. "I've watched a lot of my friends have great success, and I've never been invited to the dance," he says. Luckily, he has an outlet: he channelled those feelings to his Squid character, Bernard, a once-lauded novelist whose heat has passed. "I can understand Bernard's frustration because I've felt it."

Of the Oscars themselves, he says, "Every now and then, they ask me to present Best Catering or something, but I don't want to be there if I'm not nominated." Could this be the year?

Drudge points out Gwyneth's views

Turns out the boost in visits to The Globe's film fest website isn't entirely due to our outstanding coverage. Yesterday, infamous Internet site The Drudge Report provided a top-of-page link to Globe writer Rick Groen's interview with Gwyneth Paltrow (the one in which she expressed concerns about U.S. President George W. Bush's policies).

The Drudge headline: "Paltrow: I don't want to live in America . . ." She's always welcome to move in next door to us.

There's formalwear,

and then there's Burton

No tails and tie for him.

Winnipeg filmmaker Deco Dawson is sure the star of his film-fest short Dumb Angel, drummer Anders Erickson of the local (to Winnipeg) band Inward Eye, is about to hit it big.

So sure, that Dawson wore his heart on his sleeve for Wednesday night's screening. The garb? A Burton Cummings T-shirt reading "Stand Tall."

"It is rumoured that Inward Eye may become the biggest rock band from Western Canada since the Guess Who, as they are amidst a frenzied international bidding war," from labels who hope to sign them, said Dawson earlier in the day, completely straight-faced. "A friend of mine in Winnipeg made the T-shirt for me, and I am proud to wear it -- always represent'n."

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