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Producer Robert Lantos

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

Robert Lantos

Film producer

How many movies do you plan to see?

I will go see Fateless since I am chairman of its distribution company, ThinkFilm. There's also Clement Virgo's Lie With Me, which was already on Saturday. Other than those, I have a cornucopia of temptations; as to which ones I'll go to depends on my completely out-of-control schedule. Going to a film would be a real stolen moment.

To what extent are the parties a priority?

This is probably the only time during the year when I go out in Toronto at night other than to dinner, but it's important for me to go to the parties that I'm hosting. I'll be at Ultra on Tuesday night for [Atom] Egoyan's Where the Truth Lies.

How are you able to endure these nine days?

I spent 10 days at my country house on Lake Joe storing up on sleep. I don't do the whole festival. Once my films and ThinkFilm's are over, I'll be bailing.

Any new people you'd like to meet?

If anything, I look forward to shaking hands and embracing old friends who I haven't seen for a long time and having a little time with each of them. Jeremy Thomas is here with his new film, as is Annette Bening.

Do you have a favourite festival drink?

I have several. I don't like anything that's mixed, so you won't see me sipping cocktails of any sort. I love great wine and single malt Scotch, and sometimes I like a good vodka.

Are you a fan of all the swag?

I either don't pick it up or I give it away. I don't like walking out of parties with bags. Back in the old glamour days, allegedly, they gave out gold watches. That would be much more manageable.

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