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Suggestions for what Jen should do next

Globe and Mail Update

The latest from readers on what they'd like to see Jen do during the Toronto International Film Festival:

My suggestion for Jen is that she follow one of the manic Festival pass holders that can be seen running madly between cinemas to keep the overly ambitious schedule they've set for themselves. I'd love to hear about a day at the Festival from that perspective. Not that I'd want to do it...

Sound like fun?

Ross Smith, Toronto

Why not ask anyone she sees if Oprah invited them down to New Orleans. And if not do they feel snubbed by mighty Oprah? If they were asked and didn't go, then why?

John Bugailiskis

Find an out-of-town festival goer whom came from a far away place, as far away as Jen can find.

Steven Chien-Shun Chen

Challenge a celebrity to a drinking contest or see if celebrities (American and Canadian) can name 5 Canadian-produced movies.

Cam Coulson

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