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PhoneBack donates used cellphones

Globe and Mail Update

NEWMARKET, Ont. April 14 — PhoneBack Canada, through its Charitable Recycling Program, answered the call when Lanark County Interval House requested mobile phones for emergency communications to support its services to women and children at risk from domestic abuse and contact crime.

The Lanark County Interval House is a free service that provides safe shelter for abused women and their children. The Staff and volunteers of LCIH help in an emergency; provide woman and children a safe place to stay with counselling and support and provide the things that abused woman and children need such as food, clothing and legal advocacy. The Interval House also holds support groups where women from the community who have the same experiences meet every week to support each other and learn how to take control of their lives and offers a child and youth outreach program.

PhoneBack Canada and The Charitable Recycling Program provide mobile phone recycling and recovery services combined with community fundraising initiatives for charities, community and service groups throughout Canada. In association with its sister organization, The Wireless Source, an international recycler and remanufacturer of cellular phones and accessories, recovered cellphones are refurbished or renewed and are remarketed in emerging countries where there are few or no land lines or where the price of a new cellphone is unaffordable. Some cellphones are also donated to shelters, clinics and groups where there is an economic necessity for both safety and communications. Shelters often use them for abused adults and children so they may have 911 (emergency only) communication or they are provided to medical patients who are awaiting organ transplants.

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