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Our election panel

Our panel will contribute articles during the final weeks of the U.S. eletcion campaign.

Globe and Mail Update

James Harbeck, a Canadian-American dual citizen, was born and raised in Alberta but lived in Boston for several years while getting his doctorate. His American ancestry goes back to before the revolution. He lives now in Toronto, where he works as an editor, and travels to the U.S. a few times a year to visit relatives and friends. He keeps a close eye on American politics and intends to vote by absentee ballot in this election.

Kevin James, a Canadian, was raised in Sarnia, Ont., on the shores of Lake Huron A University of Toronto graduate, Kevin taught and mentored inner-city students in Providence, R.I., before shifting his career focus to full-time writing. He now lives in Rochester, N.Y., with his wife and three sons, and is working on the first in a series of fantasy novels.

Robert Page, an American, spent his formative years in the liberal environments in Burlington, Va., Hanover, N.H., and Berkeley, Calif., but somehow ended up a conservative Republican. The 53-year-old voted in every election until 1992, when he moved to Mexico. Now, after several campaigns in which neither he nor his wife were "sufficiently moved" to vote, the opportunity to cast a ballot in the swing state of Nevada has re-motivated him. He lives in Oakville, Ont.

Stephen Banquier, a Canadian, is a vice-president within the equities division of a U.S. investment bank in New York. A graduate of Bishop's University and The London School of Economics, Stephen has lived the expatriate lifestyle since leaving Canada in 1996, residing in London, Hong Kong and most recently New York. He is married and has one child.

Gabriel Desjardins, a dual citizen, has lived in San Francisco since 1999. Mr. Desjardins, 27, received his Bachelor's Degree from Queen's University and his Master's Degree from the University of California Berkeley, where he played inter-collegiate hockey. He has worked for a startup wireless semiconductor company in Silicon Valley for the last four years.

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