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Friday October 11, 2013

Zev Asher

Markham, Ont. -- I was in two garage/punk bands with Zev in the early 1980s in Montreal - the True Son's of Lesbian Love and the Mighty Mighty HoJo's. As is generally the case, none of us could really play our instruments, but we thought we knew what we liked and what and who we wanted to sound like.

From a day trip to Plattsburgh, N.Y., to buy jeans and records, I came home with the Replacements' Let it Be LP, which was a revelation to me and my roommate. When I brought the record to my band, Zev informed us that he already knew all about them and showed us cassette copies of the Replacements' first two LPs. That was Zev - always ahead of the curve.

I recently thought of Zev and the other band members while watching the 'Mats play their first show together in 22 years on a beautiful August night in Toronto.

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