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Tuesday November 6, 2012

Created Quebec cable and media giant

The Canadian Press

MONTREAL -- Henri Audet, an electrical engineer who founded the Quebec-based Cogeco cable and media business, has died at 94.

Audet began what has become Canada's fourth-largest cable company and one of Quebec's largest media companies in 1957 with a TV station in Trois-Rivieres, Que. His son, Louis Audet, now heads the business, which had consolidated revenue of $1.4-billion in fiscal 2012 and has 3,500 employees in Ontario and Quebec. Cogeco Inc., Cogeco Cable Inc. and other subsidiaries remain controlled by the Audet family. Henri Audet began his career as an engineer in 1945 with the CBC. He was a member of a committee in 1949 that studied the development of foreign television in preparation for TV in Canada. In 1957, he left the CBC for a career in private broadcasting and became president of Television St-Maurice Inc. By 1976, he was chairman and CEO of Cogeco Inc., positions he held until 1993.

A full obituary is forthcoming.

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