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Thursday July 5, 2018

(1921 - 2018)

Joe Rosenthal, acclaimed
Canadian artist, passed away
peacefully on July 1, 2018 at
Sunnybrook Veterans Centre
in Toronto, Ontario. He was
97. Throughout his life-long
career as a professional artist,
Rosenthal explored all facets
of the human condition.
   He developed exceptional
skills with printmaking,
drawing, painting, and
sculpture, becoming well
known for his bronze
sculptures, many of which are
installed in public spaces
across Ontario and around the
   Rosenthal served in the
Canadian Army from 1942-45
and studied at Toronto's
Central Technical School and
at the Ontario College of Art.
He is a member of the Royal
Canadian Academy and the
Ontario Society of Arts.
   Joe is survived by his
daughter Susan, sister Sonia,
nephew Marc, niece Renay,
cousins Galina and Sergey
Ilchenko, and cousin Maya
   Friends and admirers are
invited to visit Ingram Gallery
in Toronto to share their

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