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Saturday April 7, 2018


Born in Essex, England, raised
in Barkestone-Le-Vale,
Leicestershire, Philip served in
the RAF during WWII and in
1952 received his doctorate in
Anthropology from the LSE
(London School of
Economics) based on field
research among pastoral
nomads in Kenya. He
continued his field research in
East Africa for over a decade,
writing numerous books and
articles. He subsequently
joined the faculty at SOAS
(School of Oriental and
African Studies, University of
London) before immigrating
to Canada in 1971, when he
turned his attention to
research in Ireland, in
collaboration with his partner
and colleague, Marilyn
Silverman in the
Anthropology Department at
York University. He was
elected a Fellow of the Royal
Society of Canada, and held
the position of Distinguished
Research Professor at the
time of his retirement. He was
an intellectual, a scholar, a
gentleman. He is survived by
Marilyn, four sons, eight
grandchildren, and one great-

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