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Wednesday February 14, 2018


Born in Winnipeg on 30
August 1922, Jack Ludwig
died on Long Island 12
February 2018.
   Jack leaves his sister, Esther
Karwandy of White Rock, BC;
his wife, Lucia Zoercher;
daughters, Danielle
McLaughlin (Hooley), Brina
Ludwig Prout (Jim), and
Emmy Ludwig Miller (Andy).
He also leaves McLaughlin
grandchildren, Levi (Lauren),
Reuben (Petra), and Gabrielle,
Prout grandchildren Benjamin
(Hannah), Maggie (Nicholas);
Miller grandchildren, Zoe and
Stella; and great-
granddaughters, Na'ama,
Chavva-Tal and Delphinium.
Jack is predeceased by his
brother, Bobby (Ethel); and
first wife, Leya (Lauer)
   Jack received his B.A. in 1944
from the University of
Manitoba and his Ph.D in 1953
from UCLA. He was Professor
of English at several
universities in the US,
including SUNY Stony Brook
from the 1960s through the
1990s, and Writer-in-
Residence at Massey College
at the U of Toronto in
1968-69. Jack was the author
of four novels, and numbers
of essays and books about
Canadian sports, including
Hockey Night in Moscow, in
1972. He also was a regular
columnist for Saturday Night
Magazine, and the co-editor
of The Noble Savage, and
Soundings: New Canadian
Poets. A celebration of Jack's
life will be held at a later date

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