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Wednesday January 3, 2018


Sylvia Winsor died in Toronto
on December 26, 2017 at age
90. She was an extraordinary
woman who lived an
extraordinary life. She faced
many challenges but
overcame them all with
resilience, strength, wisdom
and a consistently positive
approach. She treasured her
family, friends and literature.
   She was predeceased by her
husband, Harry, whom she
had met and married in Rome
in 1952. They then moved to
Newfoundland. In 1964, they
moved to Barbados, where
Sylvia resumed her formal
education, at the University of
the West Indies, earning an
honours degree in English
and History. They returned to
Rome in 1968, where they
lived until Harry's retirement
from the Food and
Agriculture Organization of
the United Nations, moving to
Toronto in 1980 to be close to
their children.
   Throughout her life, wherever
she lived, Sylvia formed
strong and lifelong
friendships. She created a
home filled with music, art
and literature, passing her
love of the arts on to her
children. She especially loved
poetry, in particular the
poems of Thomas Hardy and
Eddie Baugh. In her creative
way, Sylvia knew how to
make Christmas joyous and
magical for her children.
   She is survived by her
children, Rod (Julie Thorburn),
Terry (Megan Clifford) and
Barbara (Reno Piccini); her
grandchildren, Emily and
Alexander Thorburn-Winsor,
Stephen, Robyn and
Christopher Winsor, and David
and Sarah Piccini; and her
brother, Gabriel. She was
predeceased by her brother,
   The family would like to thank
her caregivers in her last
months for their compassion
and kindness and Jennifer
Cunningham for her many
years of gentle and thoughtful
care and companionship. A
family service will be held at a
later date.

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