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Thursday January 19, 2017

Bob Rodgers

At 83, passed away quietly on
Sunday morning, January 15,
2017. He was given the news of
his plight and determined that
he had lived a sufficient and
enjoyable life and simply wanted
his loved ones informed
including his ex-wife, Sylvia
Rodgers; longtime partner, Gail
Singer; his sons, Christopher
(Line) and Michael (Cassie); and
his grandchildren, Nolan (Dong),
Jonny, Kai, Sylvia, Antony, Yza
and Mikael. He leaves his dear
sister, Helen Smallwood of
Winnipeg, and nieces and
nephews, Wray, Scott, Donna,
Catherine and Boni. Also
cousins, Rita Lou Bennet (Bob) of
Hagersville, ON, and Darryl
Sharp and family, and numerous
friends around Canada and
   Bob was a charismatic teacher at
Ryerson, McGill and the
University of Toronto, then
turned his attention to media. He
was Executive Director of the
University of Toronto Media
Center for many years, and later
pursued a film, television and
writing career.
   Bob brought to light the issue of
mercury poisoning at Grassy
Narrows over 40 years ago on
CBC television and in Saturday
Night Magazine in collaboration
with Gail Singer. He produced
films with the CBC and NFB
including his favourite 'The
Fiddlers of James Bay'.
   He spent most of his college
summers as a fishing guide at
'Barney's Ball Lake Lodge' in
Northern Ontario, to pay for his
education at University of
Manitoba. He continued his
education at the University of
Toronto and Oxford.
   Bob's recently released novel
'The Devil's Party' has been
widely acclaimed by luminaries
such as Bob Fulford, Bronwyn
Drainie and Margaret Atwood.
   He is remembered with great
warmth and affection, and
sometimes not, for his humour
and intelligence and strong
opinions on most things worthy
of an opinion.
   He has been cremated as per his
   An event to mark the celebration
of his life will be held in the
spring of 2017 in Toronto.

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