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Saturday August 20, 2016

Dr. Frederick Griffith Pearson

With great sadness, we announce
the passing of Dr. Frederick Griffith
Pearson, age 90, in Kitchener,
Ontario on August 10, 2016. His final
days were spent with his wife, Hilppa
Pearson, by his side; as well as her
daughter, Nina Schafrick; his brother,
Lew Pearson; and his children from
his first marriage to Eva Pearson -
Niels, Liz, and Jenny Pearson. Griff
Pearson was one of the most
prominent contributors to the field
of thoracic surgery worldwide
In addition to his pioneering work in
tracheal and esophageal surgery,
he is widely recognized as the
founder of the specialty of thoracic
surgery and for his establishment
of the 'Toronto School of Thoracic
Surgery' at Toronto General
Hospital, University of Toronto. This
training program became the
template for thoracic training
programs throughout the world. His
discoveries, teachings, and traditions
will continue to influence surgeons in
decades to come. Those who had
the honour and privilege of sharing
significant time with this very special
man respected and loved him
deeply. A private 'celebration of his
life' service will be held for close
family, friends, and colleagues
Donations can be made to the FG
Pearson Lectureship

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