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Thursday February 21, 2013

Dr. Edmond Arthur Douglas Boyd;
M.D. June 5, 1922-February 13, 2013
A seasoned world traveller completes his last trip home for a final rest. Dr. Edmond Arthur Douglas Boyd; retired physician and ten year resident of Saanichton, transcended Wednesday; surrounded by family.
  Dr. Boyd; born in London; son of Sidney Arthur Boyd, Physician and Surgeon, trained at Cambridge University and interned at St. Thomas Hospital; London.While still a medical student Dr. Boyd was among the first wave of liberators of the concentration camp at Belsen. There Edmond ministered to hundreds of survivors of the Nazi horror about which the world was just beginning to learn. During his time at the camp, he became very ill with typhus and was confined to care for two years. He was awarded a DSO and made an honorary member of the Belsen Society in recognition of his work.
  Later Edmond served as medical officer aboard H. M. S. Wild Goose sailing into the Persian Gulf protecting workers in the (then) fledgling oil fields. It was here at an embassy affair he met his bride of 60 years; Janice Marie Barnes of Long Beach, California.Together they circled the globe five times; visiting 56 countries and, according to his widow, 'visited every island he knew about and could get to.'
In 1952, the family relocated to Canada where Edmond served as medical officer at Lake Louise; offering his young family an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Canadian Rockies while attending to the guests of the lodge. After years of private practice in West Vancouver; Edmond was selected Executive Secretary of the British Columbia Medical Association; and later worked in health care administration for OHIP in Ontario, as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto, and as a private consultant in health care administration. The latter work included contracts with the World Health Organization completing technical visit and review of Cuba's medical facilities and system. An avid reader and accomplished travel journalist, columnist and author of fiction; Edmond published three novels; one becoming a best seller and receiving an award from his publisher; Doubleday. He had over a 100 articles published in newspapers including New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and Muskoka Sun. During 1968-69 he wrote a bi-weekly column for The Globe and Mail providing commentary on the social changes of the times and his relationship with his teenage children. He was a wry and erudite observer of society, world affairs and the human condition, and enjoyed word play which provided perspective and entertainment to those around him, especially his family.
  Surviving Dr. Boyd are his wife; Janice, son; Dr. Trevor Boyd; Geologist and wife; Barbara Austin; three daughters and sons in law; Peter Jones and Veronica Boyd of Saanichton, Leslie Croucher and her partner David of Kaikoura, New Zealand, and Wendy and Dale Wilson of Port Angeles, Washington State.
  Grand children include; Tristin King and Abby King of New Zealand, David Aylott and Mya Aylott of Greater Victoria, Daniel and Alexander Austin-Boyd of Toronto, Clayton Sparks of Banos' Ecuador, and Patrick Sparks of Toronto. Dr. and Mrs. Boyd have four great- grandchildren.
  In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to the Palliative Care Unit; Saanichton Peninsula Hospital, Saanichton, B. C.

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