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Thursday February 21, 2013

Dr. Roy Maxwell Pritchard
23 July 1932-14 February 2013

Having spent yet another wonderful month in England and Spain, visiting family, friends, galleries and pubs, Roy returned to Canada and died unexpectedly at home.
  Professor Pritchard was a unique man. Having worked his way out of the east end of London, a true Cockney, He completed his national service as a ''fighter plotter'' in the RAF and went on to achieve a PhD in Physics from the University of Reading.
  In 1959 he, his wife and their infant son immigrated to Canada to take up a position at Mc Gill University. There while working at the Montreal Neurological Institute he developed optical apparatus and sensitive electronic equipment that enabled scientists to measure the electrical activity of a single brain cell. This led to great leaps in our understanding of visual perception. During this time in Montreal he also worked for the Defence Research Board assessing the limits of jet fighter pilots and aided in the development of a visor that would protect them from nuclear flash.
  In 1966 he joined the fledgling Department of Psychology at Mc Master University where, as a full professor of Neuropsychology, he taught and supervised, innumerable young scientists, doctors and others the love of the brain and all it's intricacies.
He retired in 1997 splitting his time between his home in Hamilton and his home in England. His love of family was only matched by his love of art and beer. He will be greatly missed by both the Royal Academy and his friends at the ''Snooty Fox''
Roy is survived by his brother Stanley ( Shiela ) in Spain, his sister Eilene Griffin in England, his beloved son Dr. Neil G. Pritchard ( Nancy) in Stirling, ON. and by his grandsons Ian and Colin. Jemma will miss him too as will many friends and family across Canada and the globe.
  A Life well lived.
  He was cremated without fuss.
  There will be a Memorial and Celebration held at the Faculty Club at McMaster University 01 March 2013 starting at 13:00 hrs.

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