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Saturday January 5, 2013

David Simpson Fisher April 26th, 1932 - January 2nd, 2013
Born in Glasgow, Scotland he studied to become a Civil Engineer because he always knew he wanted to build bridges. This took him a little longer than most as his father George died when he was 12 , his sister Katherine (Ramsay) was 9 and their mother Bessie was confined to a wheelchair. So he had many responsibilities beyond his studies. In his spare time he climbed the hills of Scotland, played rugby and enjoyed poetry.
He met Alice Black at school and after a 7- year courtship they decided to come to Canada in 1957 where they married. He considered this possibly the best time of his life because everything was new, exciting and full of opportunity…. and he was finally building bridges.
Expo '67 triggered the travel bug, which never faded and now with two wee bairns Lesley and Craig they packed up and went to Australia by ship. Spending six months camping on $10/day.
Never driven by money or glory he directed his career with Shawinigan and SNC-Lavalin so he could see the world. His work overseas began in 1974 in Guyana and ended in Indonesia in 1998 with postings in Nigeria, Malaysia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Newfoundland. Christmas cards from around the globe arrive each year.
Retirement was spent between Toronto, Thornbury where he loved to garden, and their sailboat in Florida where he captained Dalriada with his first mate faithfully by his side.
David treated everyone with the same considerations regardless of status or seniority, religion or race. He was very comfortable in his own company but social too. He loved to dance, play the piano, write, tell jokes, read poetry and watch golf. He was a quiet optimist that saw the glass as half full. He was a good man and he enjoyed his life. He tried to stay alive despite all the odds against him at the end. He suffered great physical pain with strength, good humour and courage. We are very proud of him.
He dearly loved and will be missed by his grandchildren Gillian, Alison, Andrew, Frances, Fiona and their parents Lesley and Peter (Snelling), Craig and September (Gingrich) … and by the love of his life, Alice.
Enjoy your next journey Dad xo
A celebration of his life will be held in the spring.
R.S. Kane 416-221-1159

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