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Friday December 28, 2012

Faye Cavell Harper (nee Hart) Passed away peacefully in the night Tuesday December 25th 2012. She was born on December 11th, 1919 in Dalston, Ontario and grew up near Yellowgrass Saskatchewan where her mother Dora Bell Hart and father Lee Hart farmed. Always active and eager for the city lights she moved to Toronto where she became a registered nurse and flight attendant. True to form, she was the first Trans-Canada Airline nurse/flight attendant to deliver a baby en route. On June 9th, 1945 she married James Wesley Harper and they settled outside of Aurora, Ontario. Feeling her need to contribute to the community, she turned the farm house into a nursing home and with enthusiasm, compassion, and commitment she helped many people through the difficult years of aging. Her husband was of similar spirit and was involved with his own dream of owning an airport. She received her pilot's license and joined his passion for the sky. Tragically he died in a crash in 1961. Together they had five daughters: Michelle, Lucille, Wende, Kim, and Cally. She heartbreakingly had to let go of Kim in 2007 to breast cancer. Faye will be lovingly remembered by her daughters and her ten grandchildren Kate, Luke, Logan, Kahla, Keegan, Marcus, Abbe, Nigel, Georgia, Sonja; sons in law Dwight How, Steven Fong, Jeff Horowitz, John Federchuck; and great grandchildren James and Charlotte. We grieve with enormous pride and gratitude for the many gifts and all the love she gave us. There will be a private funeral service at Prospect Cemetery Saturday December 29th, 2012.

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