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Thursday November 29, 2012

Stanley Herbert Ward, Ph.D
November 22nd in Oakville, with family by his side. A descendant of pioneers George and William Fear, Stanley was born in Banff, AB in 1916. He attended the University of Alberta (Chemical Engineering), and earned his Ph.D at the University of Texas. A life-time member of the Canadian Fighter Pilots Association, Stanley enlisted with the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1941, and went on to become a WWII fighter pilot. He later chronicled his experiences poetically in his memoir, 'My Wandering Wings of War'. He had a successful research & development career in the oil sands and nickel industries, and in his leisure time, was a talented violin player and sports enthusiast who enjoyed skiing, hockey, golf, tennis and hiking. Stanley will be remembered for his strength and determination by his son Barry and wife Young, son Robert, daughter Laura and husband Bill, his former wife Elizabeth, as well as five grandchildren, Naomi, Jason, Daniel, Tammi and Sumi. The family wishes to thank the staff of Wyndham Manor for their dedication and care during Dr. Ward's final year. He will be interred at The National Military Cemetery of the Canadian Forces (Beechwood Cemetery) in Ottawa. O let me sleep sleep e'er sleep in this land I love! (Stanley H. Ward, 2008)

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