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Thursday September 1, 2011

ARTIST OCTOBER 9, 1944 DECEMBER 6, 2008 Each life is as individual as a snowflake. A snowflake may last an eternity or melt in a heartbeat. Ivaan's was large, brilliant, and so multifaceted that it caught the sun from a million angles. His warm and generous spirit, (barely contained within his gorgeous exterior), radiated through every aspect of his life. Ivaan's exquisite metal art, photographs, and his devoted circle of family, friends and fans is his enduring legacy. Today 1,000 days have passed since Ivaan left the planet. Please feed the birds and squirrels some fresh bread today, and tell them it's from their good friend Ivaan. Thank you. Ivaan is remembered with affection and gratitude, today and every day, by his loving wife Eya Donald Greenland Kotulsky, his beloved sister, Nadia Michisor, and by our families. IVAAN KOTULSKY

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