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Saturday November 27, 2010

ROBLERO, Mariano Abarca
IN MEMORIAM 1958 - 2009 A leading anti-mining activist in the community of Chicomuselo, in the State of Chiapas, Mexico, Mariano Abarca R. was killed outside his house a year ago today, on November 27, 2009. Mariano is survived by his wife Mirna, two daughters Dora Mavely and Bertha Joana, and two sons Josť Mariano and Josť Luis. His youngest son, Jose Luis, visited Canada in September this year to speak publicly about how his father was the victim of a climate of violence in Chicomuselo related to mining activities by Canadian firm Blackfire Explorations. While in Ottawa, Jose Luis advocated in support of a bill which, had it passed, would have given the federal government powers to hold Canadian firms operating abroad legally accountable for their activities. Several men formerly employed by the Calgary-based Blackfire Explorations are awaiting court appearances related to Mariano's death. Condolences can be passed on to the Mariano Abarca R. family by sending an email in care of Common Frontiers to, and please include Abarca in the Subject line. MARIANO ABARCA ROBLERO

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