Alliance threatens Liberals with legal action

Globe and Mail Update
Sunday, November 12 – Online Edition, Posted at 3:11 PM EST

Halifax — The Canadian Alliance is threatening legal action against the Liberal Party of Canada, claiming its health care ads are false and defamatory.

"The Liberals' latest smear attack goes well beyond what is acceptable political behaviour," said the party's national campaign manager Hal Danchilla.

The Alliance says that the Liberal ad wrongly attributes to The Globe and Mail the statement that Stockwell Day had helped impose a law that opened the door to U.S.-style health care in Alberta.

The ad contains the written statement "in Alberta Stockwell Day helped impose a law that opens the door to U.S.-style health care," but does not enclose the text in quotation marks. Underneath that statement appears to be attribution to The Globe and Mail, Oct. 31.

In a CTV news report today, Globe and Mail national editor Bob Cox said that statement never appeared in The Globe and Mail.

Early this week the Alliance contacted the Advertising Standards Council of Canada which oversees the legitimacy and accuracy of commercial advertising. Alliance spokesman Phil von Finckenstein said the party will consider all its options to have the advertising pulled, including legal action.

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