PM challenges Day's stance on abortion

Globe and Mail Update
Monday, November 06 – Online Edition, Posted at 11:00 AM EST

Laval, Que. — Liberal Leader Jean Chrétien said a Canadian Alliance government would threaten a woman's right to an abortion as he addressed a rally of more than 1,000 Liberal women in the Montreal suburb of Laval.

"We have had social peace on the question of abortion," Mr. Chrétien said Sunday. Stockwell Day, the Alliance leader, is opposed to abortion, although he has said that he would not make it a priority to introduce a law restricting abortions.

He has, however, said he is open to holding a referendum on abortion, as well as other moral issues.

"I don't believe that Canadian women will be very happy with that," Mr. Chrétien said to vigorous applause.

The Liberal party enjoys a huge advantage in recent polls over the Alliance among women voters. But in Quebec, the Liberals' main opposition is the Bloc Québécois, which has been aggressively courting the women's vote.

Sunday's meeting was designed to showcase the Liberals 19 women candidates in the province (one more than the BQ) before a mainly female audience.

Mr. Chrétien recited a list of women he has appointed to high offices, including cabinet ministers, Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Beverley McLachlin.

He also cited the government's gun-registration legislation, which he said is especially important to women, who are more frequently the victims of domestic violence than men.

"There are five times fewer deaths due to firearms in Canada than in the United States because of this law on guns," Mr. Chrétien said.

Outside the Liberal meeting, there was a group of about 50 protesters, demanding more federal money for social housing, poverty and the fight against domestic abuse. The protesters' boos mingled with Liberals' cheers as Mr. Chrétien appeared before and after the meeting.

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