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POSTED AT 7:43 PM EST     Tuesday, November 7
Transcript of Time for Change
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Editor's Note: The text of the Alliance "A Time for Change" follows. Please note that the numbering is as it appears in the document and there are some numbers missing. It has been broken into 10 parts:

The Platform Overview
Spending and Fair Tax Plan
Economy and Employment
Justice and Democratic Reform
Family, Immigration and Aboriginal
Strong and United Canada
Agriculture and Environment
Natural Resources and Fisheries
Defence and Foreign Affairs

Platform Overview

We'll keep the best and fix the rest

  • Cut government waste

  • Reallocate spending to priority areas

We'll implement a Fair Tax Plan

  • $4,500 p.a. savings vs. today for average 1 income family of 4 -- 34% more
    than Liberals' plan

  • Increase personal/ spousal deductions to $10,000

  • $3,000 per child deductions to recognize the value of parenting

  • 97% of Canadians will pay tax at 17%

We'll fix annual debt payments in law

  • $6-billion a year guaranteed (double Liberal plan)

  • 75% of surplus goes to debt repayment

We'll improve Canada's health system

  • Restore Chretien health care cuts faster than Liberals

  • Stable, long term funding guaranteed in law.

We'll return real justice to our justice system

  • ensure clear consequences for crime and compassion for victims

We'll make government more accountable

  • Free votes, citizens' initiatives, recall

  • Elected, Equal and Effective Senate

  • Parliamentary scrutiny of senior government appointments


Why has Chretien called an early election?

  • This will be the third federal election in seven years

  • Chretien loves to campaign, but hates to govern

  • The Prime Minister wants a hat-trick so he can secure a legacy like Sir
    Wilfrid Laurier

  • The Liberals are afraid to wait in case Stockwell Day and the Canadian
    Alliance keep gaining momentum.

  • If the Prime Minister waits, he might be pushed out by backbench Liberals
    supporting Paul Martin.

  • This election is an inconvenience to Canadians at the start of the holiday
    season and when many Canadians are going to the polls in municipal elections
    (see below)

  • "Going Early" backfired on Ontario's David Peterson and it will back fire
    on Jean Chretien.

  • By calling an early election, the following parliamentary bills will die:
    long awaited amendments to the YOA; new financial services regulations;
    and extension of veterans benefits.
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Party E T
LIB 172 172
CA* 67 67
PC 12 12
BQ 38 38
NDP* 12 12
* Updated since recount:

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