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The Canadian Word of the Day is a collection of unique words, hand selected by Katherine Barber, that are either only found in Canada or have a usage in Canada not found anywhere else. Example: did you know that the term “collector lanes” is used only in Canada?

For Sunday, January 29, 2006

North West Company,


  • a fur-trading syndicate formed in Montreal in the late 18th c. and absorbed by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1821. Abbr.: NWC

Example from The Globe

The word North West Company has appeared in 12 Globe articles over the past year, most recently in “Zucker in hostile $1.1-billion bid for HBC” on October 29, 2005.

Zucker in hostile $1.1-billion bid for HBC $

Saturday, Oct 29, 2005

HBC merges with its main rival, the North West Company, based in Montreal, and is granted a 21-year monopoly. HBC controls three million square miles of land (7.77 million sq. km) and operates 173 posts.