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Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019

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Paul Sullivan

The West

Paul Sullivan is in the midst of one of the most varied careers in Canadian media--he's worked in newspapers, television, radio, magazines and now online media as president of Sullivan Media--creating Web sites for major corporate clients such as Rocky Mountaineer Rail and Futureshop in Canada and the US.

Before launching Sullivan Media in 1999, Paul was the Western Editor of The Globe and Mail, and continues to write The West, his weekly column with a decidedly Left Coast bent. He was also the founding editor of West magazine for the Globe, which won Canada's National Magazine Award in 1990 for overall editorial excellence, as well as best western magazine of the year.

He has also been the Managing Editor of The Vancouver Sun, the host of The Early Edition, CBC Radio's morning show in Vancouver, and a senior news editor at The Journal, the highly-rated CBC-TV news program, in Toronto.

Also in Toronto and Vancouver, Paul was Vice-President, Editorial for one of Canada's major communications companies, Telemedia, where he edited TV Guide, and created and launched Sympatico NetLife, Canada's largest home Internet magazine.

In Winnipeg, Paul was the Editor of the Winnipeg Sun and wrote a daily column for the Winnipeg Free Press. He was also Senior Producer for 24 Hours, the supper hour news program at CBC Winnipeg.

He is the director of the World Wide Web workshop at Simon Fraser Universiy's Summer Publishing Workshop, and for the past two years has taught journalism at the graduate level at the University of British Columbia's School of Journalism.

Paul lives in North Vancouver, with his wife Elizabeth, dog Cleo and occasionally, the empty nest is repopulated by daughter Ann or son John.

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