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UPDATED ON: Thursday, February 24, 2011

Woods LLP:

Mtre. Richard Vachon,

From The Globe and Mail

The partners of Woods LLP are pleased to announce that Mtres. Bogdan Catanu & Richard Vachon have been named partners of the firm.

They bring to Woods LLP and its clientele their vast experience in the fields of commercial, civil and administrative litigation.

A member of the Quebec Bar since 2002, Mtre. Richard Vachon is experienced in shareholder’s disputes, corporate and securities litigation, class actions, defamation claims, and claims relating to wrongful termination of executives. He has pleaded before the Superior Court of Quebec and Court of Appeal, as well as before arbitration panels and administrative tribunals.

Woods LLP specializes in the area of commercial and civil litigation. Its members act before all of the Quebec, Ontario and Federal courts and tribunals, including the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as in arbitration proceedings, both in domestic and international matters.


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