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UPDATED ON: Saturday, January 26, 2013

Aegon Capital Management Inc.:

Marc Goldfried,
Chief Investment Officer and Head of Fixed Income

From The Globe and Mail

Aegon Capital Management Inc. (ACM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Marc Goldfried, Senior Vice-President and Head of Fixed Income, to the role of Chief Investment Officer and Head of Fixed Income.

With this additional responsibility, Mr. Goldfried will provide direction and support for both ACM’s existing and new investment strategies. Mr. Goldfried and his team are responsible for the majority of the $8.6 billion in assets that ACM manages today. In addition, they are building and expanding their investment team and capabilities.

Mr. Goldfried is a seasoned investment professional and the ideal candidate to help ACM grow and succeed, while ensuring that ACM continues to provide their clients with enviable investment returns.

Mr. Goldfried has over 20 years investment experience, and currently oversees domestic fixed-income investments on behalf of retail, institutional and insurance clients.

Aegon Capital Management is backed by the strength of Aegon N.V., a Netherlands-based international life insurance, pension and asset management company that manages more than US$300 billion in assets.


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