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UPDATED ON: Wednesday, May 14, 1997

Metro-Richelieu Inc.:

L. G. Serge Gadbois; Robert Sawyer,
Senior Vice-President, Finance; Senior Vice-President, Retailing

From The Globe and Mail

Robert Sawyer

As part of the reorganization of certain business sectors of the Company, Mr. Pierre H. Lessard, President and Chief Executive Officer of Métro-Richelieu Inc., is pleased to announce the following appointments:

Mr. L. G. Serge Gadbois, FCA, is appointed Senior Vice-President, Finance. He will be responsible for the finance and information systems sectors. Mr. Gadbois has been with Métro-Richelieu Inc. since 1984 and was previously Vice-President, Finance.

Mr. Robert Sawyer is appointed Senior Vice-President, Retailing and will be responsible for all activities related to the Métro and Marché Richelieu banners, including marketing, expansion, banner development and retailer's operations. Mr. Sawyer joined the Company in 1979 and was previously Vice-President, Produce.


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