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UPDATED ON: Thursday, February 6, 1997

Cascades Inc.:

Stephane Milot,

From The Globe and Mail

Mr. Laurent Lemaire, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cascades Inc., is pleased to announce the appointment of Stéphane Milot as Manager -- Investors Relations.

Mr. Milot has a Master's degree in Finance from Laval University. He used to work as a Forest Products Analyst with Valeurs mobilières Desjardins. Mr. Milot will be located at our Montreal Office and will be assisting André Belzile, Vice-President, Finance in the elaboration and the establishment of a financial communication strategy for Cascades and its public subsidiaries (Paperboard Industries International Inc., Rolland Inc., Perkins Papers Ltd. and Boralex Inc.).

Cascades Inc. manufactures, converts and markets a vast range of packaging, tissue-paper and fine-paper products. Employing more than 8,000 people and boasting annual sales of over $2 billion, together with its subsidiaries, Cascades Inc. forms an integrated industrial entity of more than 70 companies located in five countries in North America and Europe.


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