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Off the Vine

What's your favourite Canadian wine? Why?
Monday, October 22, 2001

Inniskillin Okanagan Red Meritage 1998. Hands down an excellent vintage, and world class.
Alex Raymond

1999 Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards Pinot Gris, British Columbia. It is the most mouth-filling and rich Pinot Gris I have ever tasted. It seems to have staved off the reputation of thin and acidic for variety.
Chris Landish

[Re: Napa north] This article points to the ridiculous state of Canada's liquor control boards. There is no free trade within Canada as far as obtaining the best wines from within the nation. The provincial liquor control boards, are just what their name indicates, they are controlling. It would be great to be able to purchase some of the fine wines produced in B.C. in the local liquor store, however, those in charge dictate this will not be the case. Thanks for the article, the reading was great, the tasting may never be.
Christopher Hopgood

1999 Viognier by Daniel Lenko Estate Winery in Niagara. Lenko's version is, for my money, THE exemplar of wine from this emerging variety. Beguiling on the nose with a floral bouquet and beautifully balanced fruit and acid on the palate, this one is versatile both as a sipper and a food accompaniment.

Perhaps I am unfortunate but I have never had a Canadian wine that compares favourably with the vin ordinaire available in the humblest Parisian bistro. Tell me about one.
Dr. Roger

Henry of Pelham Baco Noir. Interesting hybrid, full bodied, inexpensive, goes well with food.
R. Stubbert

Burrowing Owl Chardonnay is one of the few Canadian wines that can stand with the best of international competition. Due to limited production, and more limited distribution, even many people in BC only know about this wine indirectly, through its reputation and press commentary.

Jackson Triggs Meritage Reserve. This is a full bodied wine with a lot of fruit and balanced tannins, leading to a lingering finish, very agreeable.
Cecilia Findlay

Strawberry dessert wine from Markland Winery in Whitbourne, Newfoundland.

Millifiori - Venturi-Schultze (Cowichan Valley) We recently had this delightful white at the Diva restaurant in the Metropolitan Hotel in Vancouver. The bouquet was a burst of sweet flowers followed by a mouthful of summer fruit and a finish of heavenly lightness with the faintest presence of a natural effervescence. What a treasure - alas, we could not find it in our frantic search of wine stores before we had to leave for Denver.
John Plas

Mission Hill Premium White. It's not too fruity, not too sweet. It's not overpriced and it's the same every time.
David Winter

Mission Hill, Pinot Gris 1997 and 2000. Wonderfully fruity and fresh wines with great yet subtle woody undertones and an excellent bouquet. They go well with almost all food. Particularly good as a crowd-pleasing wine served at cocktails with canapes.
Alan Kessel

Calona Vineyards Pinot Blanc
Cara Wiest

Hello, My favorite Canadian wine is Baco Noir by Henry of Pelham in Ontario. It is a glorious deep red wine, wonderful nose, wonderful deep taste of berries with a hint of pepper. Of all the Canadian reds I've tasted this is absolutely the best! The price is right too... around $15.00.
Thanks, Jean Campbell, Edmonton

I had a late harvest Optima (1996) made by Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards a few years ago. It cost around $17.00 per bottle, and was, in my opinion, more drinkable than an icewine that might have cost 3x as much (not as sweet, but with all the flavor). We had it with a chocolate mousse and we were very, very happy.
David Bostock

Cherry Point Vineyards Gewurtztraminer Produced in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island (an important wine producing area of the country), it has just the right mix of spiciness and fruitiness.
E. Nessman

My favorite Canadian wine is the blueberry wine I make from scratch at home every year. This is my favorite because I pick the berries myself during the summer. There are lots within walking distance of my home in Sudbury, Ontario. The wine is "big" and "full-bodied" like a hearty burgundy and it makes a great Christmas gift. Especially in the basswood boxes I make myself.
Bill McLeod

Cave Spring Cellars

By far the best I have tasted is Thirty Bench Premium Red I believe it was 97. Very complex, leather, earthy. Quite pricey though.
R. Duncan

Grey Monk - any of their white wines. They have a very fresh, complex flavour.
Mike Seaman

Burrowing Owl, cabernet-Sauvignon: because its the best produced in B.C. and outside the Bordeaux Region.
Gilles Hebert

My favorite is Wild Vines - Passionberry. It is a light sweet wine with just a hint of a tart/fruity taste which balances very nicely.
Sandra Bunning

Burgundy Red 1939 Derick McLaughlin

Sumac Ridge, Gewürztraminer made in Summerland, BC.
Vincor. Comparable to a great Alsatian.
Cipes- Brut, Sparkling wine,
methode Champagneoise Summerhill Winery, Kelowna, BC Best Sparkling wine this side of the world
Erwin Schuster

Cave Springs - Reisling It has a clean and crisp flavor, excellent with any dessert. A definite crowd pleaser.
Max Vo

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