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Valentine's Day Have your say - Responses

Lieutenent Worf of Star Trek and Stockwell Day. They're both beyond belief, thus fictional, and both suffer from rigor mortis of the brain.
Zee Walanga

Marianne Dashwood, poetry-addled heroine of Jane Austin's "Sense & Sensibility" got a raw deal when she was married off to dull old Colonel Brandon. He loves her, but first she needs a cruise on John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee's houseboat. A few weeks aboard the "Busted Flush" with it's tough-but-tender owner would give her emotional grounding, healthy exercise, and all the loving a woman could stand. She would return to marriage a happier, better person, and as long as she hid her sudden craze for sport fishing and amateur detective work, the colonel need never know.
Aubrey Duffy

Ally McBeal and Zena- shades of gray confusion meet black and white certainty.
M. Rockall

My favourite literary couple is definitely Jane and Rochester. Even watching all the versions of Jane Eyre and rereading until the cows came home, I always cried when they fell in love and Jane discovering Rochester's deceit, but still love conquered all and even with a modern view (I wouldn't forgive my boyfriend if I found out he had been lying about something as serious as this) I am a sucker for the ending when Jane came back to Rochester and they got married and Jane helped Rochester with his blindness. Love does conquer all!
Melissa MacKenzie

I think that Dana Scully of the X-Files and Indiana Jones would be the ultimate "adventure" couple. Sparks would fly...

My favorite fictional couple has already been matched by the author, Dorothy L. Sayers. Lord Peter Wimsey and Miss Harriet Vane are matched in brains, education and humour. They trust and respect each other, things that really matter for the "long haul." Each is strong enough to stand alone so theirs is not a dependant relationship; it's a complimentary one. And the books are fun to read.
Susan Douglas

Spider Man could get an ego boost from the strength and cultural appeal of having Wonder Woman for a companion.
Rosemarie Godina

Courtney Love and Stockwell Day

Casanova and Jane Eyre - equally clever and calculating, Casanova could coax Jane to drop her demure demeanor rather sooner than later.
Louise Duval

Pookie and Pookah

Not that they'd make a great couple but I think Mr. Rochester and Heathcliffe really should spend some time together. After a brisk tramp on the moors, a brief pat for the lurcher, then whiskey in front of the fireplace who knows what confessions they'd make.
Katherine Robinson

Nash Bridges and Alley McBeal; Jon Bon Jovi and Chenoa Johnston
Chenoa Johnston

Cleopatra and Han Solo
Jim Jones

Mike Tyson and Maggie Thatcher
Jim Jones

Tarzan and Madonna
Michael England

Kitty and Matt

Pride and Prejudice's Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet

Catherine & Heathcliffe

I would like to set up Thomas Hardy's Jude (from Jude the Obscure) with Shakespeare's Cleopatra. Poor Jude's only brush with love involved a woman who would rather jump out a window then be with him; he needs a lush and sensual woman who won't be afraid to love him. He would be devoted to Cleopatra and she, conversely, could benefit from a relationship that would not drive her to seek an asp's kiss.
Alison Barrett

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