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Pierre Elliott Trudeau:

Alternative memorials
Thursday, October 12, 2000

A recent Globe and Mail poll showed 64% of the respondants to be in favour of an alternative memorial to Mount Logan.

Listed below are five alternatives:
1. Renaming all or part of the TransCanada Highway.
2. Put his image on the $20 bill.
3. Name another peak in Kluane Park (site of Mt. Logan) after him. Many are still unnamed.
4. Rename Mount d'Iberville, the highest peak in Quebec, after him. While Sir William Logan apparently still has many fans, it's unlikely Pierre LeMoyne Sieur d'Iberville is as popular. The French officer who twice burned all of Newfoundland's major towns to the ground.
5. Do nothing. To quote an Internet posting: "There already has a name change in Alberta to 'Trudeau Mountain'. It's the huge manure pile out behind every feedlot operation."
-* To vote for your alternative or participate in the discussion forum go to our website at:

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