Canadian infantryman George Goulden and his sister, Ruth, in their backyard at home before he left to serve overseas.

Brock Senior served with the Royal Canadian Army Survey regiment in Italy. Brock Junior was featured in an advertisement for victory bonds and later served in the navy. Both are depicted in these photos. The images of Brock Junior include the original photo used in the Victory Bonds ad and a photo taken after he had enlisted in the navy.

Geoff Rumble served with the 25th Medium Artillery Battery in Sicily and Italy. He was the main caregiver to the regiment’s unofficial mascot, Angri the bull dog. The dog had been the mascot of the First Battalion of the Scottish Guards, but was given over to the 25th when the Scottish Guards were forced to move to a secret location. The two units were in the town of Angri when the dog changed hands.

Angri the dog loved riding in tanks, savoured the soldiers’ rations and was at the front of the line during marches. He slept in Canadian serviceman Geoff Rumble’s tent. When the 25th went in to participate on the attack on Cassino, their Sergeant decided that Angri couldn’t handle the noise of battle and he was given to a unit of the British Air Force.

Murdock Gillis served with the 13th Canadian Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers. This photo depicts men from Murdock’s unit in an orange grove in Sicily. It was taken on Christmas Day, 1943.

Gordon Pennicuick served in Italy as a sergeant with Lord Strathcone’s Horse Regiment. This photo shows Mr. Pennicuick with the Italian family that billeted him during the Christmas of 1944.

The King of Britain incognito in Italy on troop inspection. Canadian serviceman Ian Johnston is in the middle of the photo, behind the King.

Soldiers from the 1st Brigade line up with their vehicles to leave Italy and join the rest of the Canadian Army in Holland in February 1945.

The tiny boat that the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment used to cross the Moro River at night.

G.R. Eddy served with the Royal Canadian Engineers during the Italian campaign. This is his photo of the staff of the Maple Leaf newspaper in Italy in 1943.

The names of the Maple Leaf staff in the photo.

Perry White carried this photo of his parents with him while serving overseas with the Canadian Infantry Corps, 5th Armoured Division, 12th Infantry Brigade in the Lanark and Renfrew Scottish regiment.

Colin Grant served as a tank trooper in Italy.

A soldier's daughter, born nine months after he was shipped overseas. The soldier was reunited with his wife and child upon his return from the war.

Mary Moynihan was part of Unit B for the Army Show that travelled to Italy in May, 1944. The unit comprised four female entertainers, an orchestra of 20 and a road crew. In this photo, Mary sings in Pontecorvo, while Ed Sanbourn conducts the performance.

Mary and two officers on their way back from church in August, 1944, in Sienna.

The four female entertainers of Unit B in England on April 30, 1944, the day before leaving for Italy to perform.

Unit B rehearses in Italy in 1944.

Raymond Jones served with the 3rd Field Regiment, 1st Division in Italy. He took a series of snapshots during his time there, both with his regiment and on leave. This one depicts the narrow back streets of Rome in 1944.

Italian locals watch new vehicles and supplies coming in for the Canadian war effort in 1944.

Donald Law served overseas from July 1940 to July 1945. He became ill in Russi, Northern Italy, and was away from his regiment when they left Italy to move into Holland. This is a photo of mail call at Pignataro, June 1944.

A friend of Canadian infantryman Donald Law in Rome while on leave. The street banner in the background reads: “Welcome to the liberators.”

A soldier stands by a sign warning of booby traps and mines in Cassino in May 1944.

Canadian infantryman Robert David Langille.

Kenneth MacNeil poses with his daughter, Sally, before leaving to fight overseas.

'The "A" Company of the Westminster Regiment under the command of Major John Keefer Mahony was ordered in May, 1944 to establish the initial bridgehead across the River Melfa. Here, King George VI, traveling incognito as 'General Collingwood' awards Major Mahony the Victoria Cross for his exceptional bravery and leadership during this action. The investiture took place on July 31st, 1944 at an abandoned airfield near Raviscanina, Italy.'

Dr. Robert Meiklejohn kept a diary while working as a doctor during the Italian Campaign. This December, 1994 photo depicts the temporary burial grounds for Canadians troops outside the Casualty Clearing Station in Ravenna. Part of the corresponding diary entry reads: “The casualties from the Ravenna Marsh area were severe and although they were brought back to us quickly we lost what to us seemed a lot. Many were so badly shocked that they couldn’t be properly resuscitated; others were just too badly injured - usually with multiple wounds. One very young lad, who was only seventeen, kept insisting he was fine. He had no pain and didn’t realize how badly he was wounded. He died as a nursing sister held him.”

A picture postcard of Canadian serviceman Fred Taylor in Rome

Lieutenant and nursing Sister Mary Cooney served with the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps at the No. 4 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station in Sicily and mainland Italy. On their way to Italy, the American ship they were aboard was torpedoed and ninety-nine nurses had to be rescued. The event drew a flurry of publicity because the nurses were not trained at sea and because they were rescued wearing only the heavy battle dress they had on. Mary Cooney went on to receive the Royal Red Cross, Second Class for her work managing the operating room.

Stan Scislowski served with the Perth Regiment in Italy. This Oct. 19, 1943 photo shows the 8th Army “Cleaning Out” snipers at the Italian Front.

A written description on the back of the photo.

Donald Smith served with the Carleton and York regiments. This is his unit near Ortona on January 10, 1944.

Pacifico Valeriote served in the Royal Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Armed Forces in Italy as a radar mechanic and ham radio operator. This photo taken from the ground shows an aircraft leaving North Africa to conduct a bombing raid in Italy.

Canadian serviceman Pacifico Valeriote's unit with their “scorecard,” an altered piece of a Junkers 88 plane.

George Welsh served in both the First and Second World Wars, as a pilot and later with the 14th Field Battery of the Royal Canadian Army. He received the Distinguished Service Order for his efforts in the battle for Leonforte in Sicily.

Canadian infantryman John Whitehead served in Italy and Holland during the Second World War. He is now deceased, but his wife, Catherine Whitehead, submitted several artifacts on his behalf. She says her husband never talked about his war experiences.

An Italian family of mother, father and child pose beside their livestock in Monte Alto, a village in Avellino, near Ortona.

An Italian farmer works the land with livestock in Monte Alto.

An Italian farmer works the land with livestock in Monte Alto.

Italian peasant women do their daily washing in the village square of Monte Alto.

Canadian infantryman Harvey Willis’ unit set up their forty-five pound gun in an olive grove.

A side view of trucks trapped in the mud. Veteran Roger Wilson recalls this as typical of the roads around Rimini: The mud was over his boots and jeeps had to be towed out by tanks. A big contrast to "Sunny Italy.”

The view of a tank on the road into Cassino. There is a sign at the road's entrance warning people to stay on the road and not stop.

Canadian infantryman Roger Wilson in Rome.