Italy. Feb. 19, 1944
Darling Bobby,
Not having seen you, nor you me, I can only write to wish you many Happy Returns of the day on your 3rd birthday.

Some day you will read this and know that the daddy you havenít seen is always thinking on you and hoping that in the near future we can be together - because you see Bobby you and I have a lot to talk over. All these years without seeing you hasnít been easy to take. Your Mummy writes me all about you. Every little thing you do. Every little thing you say - so you (?)

I really know you - but I would for better have you in my arms to hear you sing those songs your mummy tells me you can sing - and maybe I could play the piano for you too. Wouldnít you like that? How I would like to see you Bobby - yes, long before your next birthday.

I hope mummy bought you something nice. I can only wish you all the best and some day in the near future I hope to make up for all your birthdays I have missed.

Good bye for now my little darling and God bless you for me.

Daddy X

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